Dark Company: Noir repaired

Noir by Dark Company is the latest playlist to be repaired and added at SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Noir is the newest complete collection of Dark Company songs.

The Noir album was composed in 2009. These versions of the songs, many of which are little more than demos, consist of performances recorded mainly in 2010. We hope to bring you new and improved versions once these songs have been given a good bashing in our studios to make the various parts pristine and shiny. We shall of course let you know of any such developments in our News service.

Noir is the only album we know of that has its songs arranged alphabetically. Once we had heard the songs in that order, it seemed like it was the best possible order to arrange them in and they stayed that way. Of course, if you know differently, you are welcome to contact us to enlighten and educate us into similarly arranged albums.

If you would like to hear the Noir album by Dark Company as it stands at present, you can listen at Wud Records by clicking here.

Should you prefer to listen to Noir by Dark Company over at SoundCloud’s website, you can do so by clicking here instead.