Dark Company: The Joker and Wonderlust

The Joker and Wonderlust have been added to the Alien Heat collection by Dark Company. These were the last two songs in need of a sonic upgrade to take them to full alpha status. This means that all of the songs for Alien Heat have now been uploaded to Dark Company‘s Alien Heat page!

There is still a fair amount of work that Dark Company need to do to finish these songs, which are starting to take shape. A lot of fine-tuning, tweaking and improved playing performances will be required, along with final mixing and mastering to complete production.

When we have some completed artwork in place we will release the Alien Heat album at our shop at Bandcamp. Anybody who downloads the songs for 89% or more of the price we set for them when the album is done will be sent upgraded song files as and when they become available. This means that by buying the songs or the album early you will have some of the rare non-finalised Dark Company tracks after the full album is released!

We will let you know about all further developments to this album in our ‘News’ section.

If you would like to listen to Wonderlust or The Joker, or indeed the whole of the Alien Heat album by Dark Company, you can do so by clicking here.