Demon Groove Lizards: Demo Two added to Archives

Demo Two by Demon Groove Lizards has been added to the Wud Records Archives. Demo Two is a fabulous recording of great songs by a truly awesome band. We are very lucky to be able to host it for you.

Demo Two by Demon Groove Lizards was recorded by Olly in 1994 at The Beehive. Ian, the band’s virtuoso bassist, sent us the audio and made the cover from the old cassette artwork. The music files were cleaned and mastered in our Studio One. We hope you enjoy these four wonderful songs!

The four songs on Demo Two include an updated version of Halloween Jack, which you can also hear on their Demo One EP by clicking here.

Horizontal Hilarious is another of the older Demon Groove Lizards songs. Bring Me Home and Wild were both relatively new.

Due to the way SoundCloud works, we shall release each track one at a time, a couple of days apart. If you happen to see fewer than four songs when you go to listen, check back again soon. It will not be long until all four songs are available to be enjoyed.

By the time Demon Groove Lizards recorded Demo Two, three of the original band members had been replaced. Ben had been replaced on vocals by the wonderful Phil Stamp. James Shipway made way for the slinky fingered Jay Henson on lead guitar. Andy Bolitho’s replacement on drums was Chris White, who we can confirm was not the same guy who played bass for Recluse, another great band that we love in our Archives.

There will be a third EP by Demon Groove Lizards coming your way soon. Please follow our News service and Twitter to be sure of finding out when it is released! More news to come soon.

If you would like to listen to the fabulous Demo Two by Demon Groove Lizards right here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

Should you prefer to listen over at SoundCloud inastead, please click here.

To listen and download your very own copy of this delightful piece of funk rock, click here to go to Bandcamp.