Demo Two (1994)

Demo Two by Demon Groove Lizards.

Demon Groove Lizards were a fantastic heavy funk and hard rock band from Devon. They formed in 1993.

Demon Groove Lizards’ high energy performances were notable for the band’s outstanding musicianship. Virtuosity was a virtue which they continued to value over the course of every lineup change.

Demo Two features four original songs composed and performed by Demon Groove Lizards.

By the time Demon Groove Lizards recorded Demo Two, their line-up had changed somewhat compared to their earlier Demo One recording. The band’s hardcore of Ian Lee on bass and Brent Cassidy on rhythm guitar remained. Ben (vocals), James (lead guitar) and Andy (drums) had all left the ensemble and been replaced. Joining the band were Phil Stamp on vocals, Jay Henson on lead guitar and Chris White on drums.

In between the recording of Demo One and Demo Two, more than a year passed. During this time, Demon Groove Lizards performed many live shows. They were clearly a much more rehearsed, silkier and well-drilled unit.

Demo Two was recorded by Olly at The Beehive in 1994.

Cassette salvage by Ian Lee.
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