Difficult Listening Music (1996)

Difficult Listening Music by Demon Groove Lizards.

Difficult Listening Music is the name of the third EP by Demon Groove Lizards. It features four original songs composed by the band. It is a wonderful collection of heavy funk and hard rock, performed with tremendous skill, finesse and fun by five fantastic musicians.

By the time Demon Groove Lizards recorded their second demo, Demo Two, the band’s line-up had changed somewhat compared to their earlier Demo One recording. Joining the band’s hardcore of Ian Lee on bass and Brent Cassidy on rhythm guitar were Phil Stamp on vocals, Jay Henson on lead guitar and Chris White on drums.

This same lineup of the quintet consolidated and continued further along the curve of their musical development for the Difficult Listening Music EP. Demon Groove Lizards had performed many live shows by this time and were clearly a much more rehearsed, silkier and well-drilled unit.

The first track, Sleepwalking, is an updated version of one of the Demon Groove Lizards’ oldest songs. You can enjoy hearing Sleepwalking on their first release, Demo One, by clicking here.

Other than the change of personnel, the biggest difference between the two versions is the ease and comfort with which the band perform the Difficult Listening Music version. You can hear throughout the Demo One recording the band’s raw talent, even though the unit had not been assembled very long.

Reelin’ is the second track on the demo. This has a great groovy Red Hot Chili Peppers (with Hillel!) kinda vibe. Tight and funky and relentless, this is a song that will make your foot want to tap if you have a pulse. Great Hendrixy wahwah guitar burns the speakers throughout.

Third on the EP is Down. This is another Chilis style groove with complex guitar and bass patterns. This song wouldn’t sound out of place on the RHCP album Upift Mofo Party Plan. So much is going on that you surely will need to listen a few times to catch all of the more clever and subtle details. This is a musically highbrow song from composers who understand and enjoying playing with music theory.

Strange Ways closes the Difficult Listening Music EP with its reflective lyrics and clever drumming. The musical craft remains consistent to the very end with each player’s part an absolute joy to hear. Ian’s basslines are especially things of wonder of beauty.

Difficult Listening Music was recorded by Olly at The Beehive in 1996.