Flicker: The Snail Gauntlet demos repaired

The Snail Gauntlet demos by Flicker have been repaired at the Wud Records website. They have also become the most recent addition to our ever-growing collection at SoundCloud.

These demos are only rough sketches of tracks that will form the third Flicker album, The Snail Gauntlet. They are mostly just guitar and bass and a cranky old beatbox, with a couple having a bit of lead guitar here and there.

We don’t anticipate the finished album being ready any time soon as it only exists as a collection of digital folders of jams and guides, and HappySad by Flicker is slated for completion first. Nevertheless, we thought you might enjoy hearing these early demos of what will eventually become Flicker’s third album.

The Snail Gauntlet was so named as the pieces were all written around the time George was at University. Every time he went back home for a weekend he would have to negotiate the snails on the path to his house whilst carrying guitars and speakers and such, and the same when loading the car on the way back to University.

If you would like to listen to the demos of The Snail Gauntlet here at Wud Records, please click here. If you would prefer to listen at the SoundCloud website, click here instead.