Pok: Anthology recording

Pok, our wandering minstrel, has returned to Wud Records to spend some more time in the studio recording material for his forthcoming Anthology.

Over the past couple of days, much production and tracking work has been done to Silver Ships on the Sea and We Know You Well. Both tracks are beginning to sound fabulous! The current mixes of Young Light and Summer ’83 have been approved for mastering. Another one from the archives, perhaps less well-known and called Cunning and Tricks, has been tracked roughly and plans are afoot to begin work on The Sidewalk Song, Love Is My Purple Bicycle, Flashback, Born, She’s Beautiful, It’s a Blue Sky Don’t Hold No Rain and several others.

There is a small amount of video footage from this session which we hope we will be able to bring you soon on our YouTube channel, WudRecords. We plan to publish a lot more videos there in the coming weeks and months.

Wud Records are contemplating the idea of releasing several volumes of Pok‘s Anthology as there is such a great treasure-trove of music to enjoy there. We are considering doing some limited-edition vinyl releases as well as CD and mp3 downloads.

Pok will be back in the studio again next week and we will update you of what goes on in our News service.