Pok: studio action

Earlier this week, Pok had two days of studio action at Wud Records on Monday and Tuesday. We worked on more great songs from his back catalogue that will be added to his forthcoming Anthology collection.

Work began on Wanted to Be a Singer, Distanced Recognition and Fooog’s Bloooz, a tune which we are sure once had some other name that at present none of us are able to recollect. In addition, further production and performance work was done to Summer ’83 and Young Light (both of which are nearing completion) and Silver Ships on the Sea.

At present the only finished Pok song on the Anthology album is The Lecher, which you can listen to or download by clicking here.

In other Wud Records news, we are delighted to say that the main computer in Studio One that went bang when we tried to put the new chip in, is now working beautifully. It is not often one can say that about a computer.