Prism: eponymous album added to Archives

Prism have become the newest addition to the Wud Records website with their eponymous cassette album from 1988 now added to the Archives. These eight lovingly-crafted songs, expertly recorded by Paul Bateman from Daylight Studios in Honiton, feature the amazing vocal talent of Emma Waters, with Allan mostly on bass and Tom mostly on guitar.

Prism were formed by Allan and Emma during the early part of 1987 and rapidly became favourites of the Art College crowd in Exeter, which is now a part of Plymouth University. They were well known for being a rock band with no drums, and used to use this as their unique selling point, with the catchphrase ‘wot no drums’ appearing on their gig posters. Eventually they added a drummer to their line-up, but that happened subsequently to the recording of these songs.

Each member of the band contributed to the songwriting and Paul, the engineer, added a few snatches of tasteful lead guitar here and there to round out the mixes. Paul did not appear live on stage with the band but was usually at the controls, twiddling the knobs on the desk. We believe Paul may have programmed the drum machine for The Story of Samantha Kite, but have no way to confirm this.

We have long since lost track of what happened to the members of Prism but at least their wonderful songs and those wonderful vocal performances by Emma are now preserved for everyone to enjoy here on the internet. We have also lost track of the milkman, who you can hear delivering the milk to the house where much recording was done at 32 Howell Road, Exeter at the end of Blindest Night. C’est la vie, mes amis.

If you would like to listen Prism’s eponymous cassette album here at Wud Records, please click here.

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