Recluse: Ride That Fantasy restored

Ride That Fantasy by Recluse is an album the band made in 2001 and it has finally been restored to our Archives here at Wud Records. This is the last of the previously broken playlists to be restored and added to our collection of tracks over at SoundCloud.

We shall no doubt be adding further songs and music by great bands from days gone by to the Archives at some time in the future. We shall let you know of any such developments in our News service and on Twitter.

Recluse were an awesome live band oozing musicianship from every digit. Their reign as a top original rock/nu-metal/post-punk/progrock/eclectic outfit came to a standstill when the band’s leader Alex Painter left the area to begin a music degree at Salford. Fortunately, before he left, he kindly gave us a couple of Recluse albums which we have brought to you here with his blessing.

We can confirm that Alex is still making great music although he doesn’t wish for his previous musical exploits to follow him to his new musical habitat, so we shall leave it to the fans and listeners to make that journey should they choose to do so.

Ride That Fantasy is a follow-up to the band’s wonderful first album called Propaganda. You will find that there are different versions of the songs Shameful Smile and Chosen Few for you to enjoy on them.

If you would like to listen to Ride That Fantasy here at Wud Records, please click here.

Should you happen to prefer listening over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.