The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Cherry Smoke Empire pages upgraded at Explicit Music

The Cherry Smoke Empire pages have been upgraded at Explicit Music. This is great news for fans of The Bastard Sons of Dennis! Now you can follow the lyrics to all of the songs on Cherry Smoke Empire and read all manner of facts about the songs.

Cherry Smoke Empire is an album of original songs by The Bastard Sons of Dennis. It was finished on 17th May 2017 and features 17 songs, including the comedy flamenco epic The Furniture / Los Muebles. This extraordinary creation was split into nine separate parts. In between each part is another song, which has nothing to do with furniture.

We discovered recently that Cherry Smoke Empire had very few pages on the Explicit Music website. Therefore, we have been working with our publishing partners to rectify this situation.

Now every song from the Cherry Smoke Empire album has its own page at Explicit Music.

In addition, we have updated the band’s Cherry Smoke Empire page here at the Wud Records website as well.

We created a table below the text describing the album. There you can click on the various icons that follow the names of the songs.

Click on the pink ‘quavers’ icons to read all the song lyrics as you listen. The green ‘page’ icons will open a window to allow you to read information and fun facts about each song. The third icon, the blue ‘trolley’, allows you to download the individual tracks from the Wud Records digital store at Bandcamp.

If you would like to try them out for yourself, please click here to go straight to the page.

Please click here to view all of the Cherry Smoke Empire pages over at the Explicit Music website.

If you would like to listen to an uninterupted version of The Furniture / Los Muebles, without taking a break to listen to another song, we released it as a single a few years ago. You can listen to the whole of The Furniture / Los Muebles on SoundCloud by clicking here, or you can listen and even download it from Bandcamp by clicking here.

There is likely to be some news regarding the Cosy Lube Turtle album in the fairly near future. We shall, of course, keep all fans of The Bastard Sons of Dennis informed via our News service and on Twitter.