Watershed: new Archive page

Watershed have a brand new Archive page here at Wud Records. Plymouth’s finest exponents of reggae music are one of our favourite bands of all time and after some research and some delving in the cassette vaults we are delighted to be able to bring you a few goodies from them.

When we discuss the various truly great bands that we have encountered over the thirty-ish years that we have been doing this kind of thing, Watershed are always pretty much at the top of the pile. It seems a great cultural crime that they were never picked up and developed by a major label. If in the early 90s you were to compare Watershed with the band Muse, both of which were operating at the same time within just a few miles of each other, Watershed had a substantially bigger fanbase and arguably better material. We are not saying that Muse don’t deserve all the success they have had because they absolutely do, they are still a fantastic band and we love their music as well. But back in the day, Watershed were better.

However, such conjectures are for an alternative reality. Is this one, Watershed have never been easy to find on the internet. As massive fans of the band, we felt that their music still needs to be heard and appreciated by the world and adding some material to the Archives section of Wud Records seemed like a reasonable way to go under the circumstances.

Our searches for them have gone largely fruitless over the years, although we did find a couple of links to their later works on MySpace and Bandmine. Fans of bands on the Plymouth music scene may well be interested in the link that we found to past bands on the Plymouth Live Music site.

There are two links to YouTube as well, which are both fantastic! One of them takes you to their 1992 demo If The Sun Don’t Rise, which features five of the tracks they frequently used to perform live. The other one is a real beauty. It is a video of the band performing the song I’ll Take You With Me When I Go (also on the demo If The Sun Don’t Rise) in 2013, to commemorate the sad passing of the band’s long-time piano, Fender Rhodes and synthesizer virtuoso Dave Gregory.

We have a small amount of material to add to this meagre collection and hope to do so in the coming days and weeks. We shall keep you informed of any such developments in our News service and on Twitter.

In the meantime, if you would like to read some more about Watershed or check out the two pages of them on YouTube, you can visit their new page by clicking here.