Watershed: photo gallery created

A new gallery of old photos of the band Watershed has been created. These photos were apparently taken by George during the long cold late winter period of 1991. At that time he was living at the shared hoouse in Elm Road, Mannamead, Plymouth, which was the band’s headquarters.

Describing the new page as a gallery is perhaps overstating the case a little. There are only four photos, but that is considerably better than none. We felt that fans of the band would love to have the opportunity to see them.

Here at Wud Records we live in hope that some day there will be more fabulous Watershed music uploaded to the internet somewhere, whether it is by ourselves (assuming we can source some more from somewhere), members of the band, or their many fans. If anything changes, we shall update you in our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to listen to the Life, Times and Dreams EP by Watershed, please click here.

To listen to Watershed Live at the Cooperage, Plymouth on Christmas Eve 1990, please click here.

To have a look at the new photo gallery of Plymouth’s finest reggae band, please click here.