Wud Records: 20 Most Played Tracks of 2020

20 Most Played Tracks of 2020

We thought it might be fun to make two playlists of the 20 most played tracks of 2020, one each for SoundCloud and Bandcamp. We felt that such playlists would enable fans of our bands to hear what has been hot and to have the opportunity to enjoy listening to some of our most popular tracks of recent times.

Overall Wud Records had a splendid year on SoundCloud. Activity was more than double what it was in both 2019 and 2018. We finished the year with just under 3000 followers. It is very pleasing that more new fans across the world are discovering and enjoying the great music made by our amazing artists.

Making a SoundCloud playlist of the tracks that were popular there is easily done. To listen to the 20 Most Played Tracks of 2020 playlist at the SoundCloud website, simply click here to open that page in a new tab.

The 20 Most Played Tracks of 2020 were dominated by Flicker. They achieved twelve of the available places with the wonderful instrumentals from their much-loved album At Least 1000 Words.

One of the most surprising results of the year was the amount of consistent love there was for The Ug Brothers. A lot of their tracks, especially their album of Ugstrumentals – live lofi cassette salvage instrumental bootlegs – proved to be very popular across the internet. All together The Ug Brothers took six of the available places.

One of the two remaining places was taken by Dark Company. Their song Medicines from the album Rage in Heaven has been our most played song for the last few years running. Fans continue to search for it and enjoy listening to it.

The remaining place was taken by The Bastard Sons of Dennis. The Furniture / Los Muebles is a comedy alternative folk flamenco epic. It is split into several parts and alternates with other songs throughout the entire Cherry Smoke Empire album. It is Part One (Overture) that features in the 20 Most Played Tracks of 2020.

The whole uninterrupted version of The Furniture / Los Muebles is also available for download from Bandcamp by clicking here.

It is worth noting that these are only the most streamed tracks at SoundCloud, rather than the most popular. The total amounts of likes, reposts and comments have been ignored. Taking these other factors into consideration would inevitably yield different results.

Eleven of the 20 Most Played Tracks of 2020 were also among the 20 Most Played Tracks of 2019.

Top 20 SoundCloud Tracks 2020

1. FlickerOily Road Hideaway
2. FlickerWelcome to the Family
3. The Bastard Sons of DennisThe Furniture (part 1: overture)
4. FlickerMoonpath
5. FlickerLucky Stone
6. FlickerPhoenix in the Bin
7. FlickerThe Percolator
8. The Ug BrothersDeep Space (Ugstrumental)
9. FlickerFarsight
10. The Ug BrothersWibble and Bling (Cute But Weird Ugstrumental)
11. FlickerBlown Away
12. FlickerTomorrow
13. Dark CompanyMedicines
14. The Ug BrothersPaperchase (Ugstrumental)
15. FlickerHair and Eyes
16. The Ug BrothersWhite Water (Ugstrumental)
17. The Ug BrothersGrin (Ugstrumental)
18. FlickerWeek Five
19. The Ug BrothersSpin Gone Crazy (Ugstrumental)
20. FlickerAnother Star in the Sky

It’s been the best year we’ve ever had on Bandcamp! It’s the platform with the best ethos in the business. If you are not a member yet, it’s time to join.

One of the great new features on Bandcamp is the Communities. You can join ours by clicking here. ;-)

In 2020 our streams were up about 300% on 2019. Sales were also considerably stronger, with the overwhelming majority coming from outside of Bandcamp. The best-selling album was Flicker‘s At Least 1000 Words, and the best selling individual track was Sauce! from Flicker‘s work-in-progress HappySad album.

The 2020 chart was dominated by Flicker, with thirteen of the tracks, and Dark Company with six. The Bastard Sons of Dennis took the remaining place, with no other artist represented in the 2020 Bandcamp Top Twenty.

Over at Bandcamp it is not so easy to make a simple playlist of our popular tracks. Instead, what we have done is created some sort of playlist here within this very news post for your listening pleasure. Simply clicking on the links below will allow you to play the various tracks.

Top 20 Bandcamp Tracks 2020

1. Dark CompanyAnimal House
2. Dark CompanyArmed & Dangerous
3. Dark CompanySecond Sight
4. FlickerOr Maybe Not…?
5. FlickerLucky Stone
6. Dark CompanyFuture Sadness Past
7. Dark CompanyAstrologer
8. FlickerBlown Away
9. FlickerWelcome to the Fmaily
10. FlickerOne Place
11. FlickerOily Road Hideaway
12. Dark CompanyCrash
13. The Bastard Sons of DennisDominance and Submission
14. FlickerSauce!
15. FlickerTomorrow
16. FlickerMoonpath
17. FlickerPhoenix in the Bin
18. FlickerHair and Eyes
19. FlickerThe Percolator
20. FlickerMinack

If you would like to compare all of the figures for the most played tracks of 2020 against the figures for 2019, please click here to open the relevent news post in a new tab. Eleven songs from 2019 are present in the 2020 top twenty.

If you would like to compare all of the figures for the most played tracks of 2020 against the figures for 2018, please click here to open the relevent news post in a new tab.

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