Wud Records: 20 Most Played Tracks of 2017

We thought it might be fun to make two playlists of the 20 most played tracks of 2017 on both SoundCloud and Bandcamp. We felt that such playlists would enable fans of our bands to see what has been hot and to have the opportunity to enjoy listening to some of our most popular tracks of recent times.

At SoundCloud we had just over 20 000 plays in 2017, thanks in no small part to those marvelous people at Atom Collector Records and #MusicHourUK. Give them a click and check them out!

Making a SoundCloud playlist of the tracks that were popular there is easily done. To listen to the 20 most played tracks of 2017 playlist at the SoundCloud website, simply click here to open that page in a new tab.

The SoundCloud playlist was heavily dominated by Dark Company and Flicker, with The Subterraineans and Wud managing three songs between them. Bandcamp features tracks by The Bastard Sons of Dennis, Pok, Dark Company and Flicker. We intend to transfer a lot more tracks from SoundCloud to Bandcamp over the coming weeks and months and plan to finish a number of the unfinished works at SoundCloud.

In 2017 we sold more music at Bandcamp than in any previous year, so we’d like to wish a massive thank you to everyone who supported us. It really helps to keep the lights burning, the electricity flowing and the websites up when supporters download our music and we appreciate it a great deal. It was actually the most profitable year we have had this century – fortunate really, as leaving the uk rather depleted our budget for everything else.

At Bandcamp it is not easy to make a simple playlist of our popular tracks there. Instead, what we have done is created some sort of playlist here within this news post for your listening pleasure. Simply clicking on the links below will allow you to play the various tracks.

1. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (Los Muebles)
2. Pok: Wanted to Be a Singer
3. Dark Company: Sacrifice
4. Pok: Cordelia Dreams
5. Dark Company: Killer
6. Flicker: Or Maybe Not…?
7. Pok: West Wind Blowing
8. Dark Company: Animal House
9. Dark Company: Armed & Dangerous
10. Flicker: Farsight
11. Pok: Cunning and Tricks
12. Flicker: One Place
13. Pok: Freight Train (Pains)
14. Flicker: Oily Road Hideaway
15. Dark Company: Second Sight
16. Flicker: The Percolator
17. Flicker: Tomorrow
18. Flicker: Moonpath
19. Flicker: Welcome to the Family
20. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Ten Years Later

If there is enough interest in these playlists, we may do the same again next year. News of such publications and compilations will be posted in our News service and on Twitter.

We are hopeful that during the course of this year developments in blockchain technology will allow more equitable methods of financial distribution to become more ubiquitous for creative people. We believe that a blockchain-based solution to the issues associated with relying on SoundCloud to power the players on our website will probably become manifest in the near future.

Dark Company have already joined this revolution and you can give them a little support by playing their first upload, Medicines from the Rage in Heaven album, simply by clicking here.