Wud Records: Atom Collector Records Charts

During April 2017, Wud Records had a very successful month on the Atom Collector Charts. We’re not normally inclined to brag or blow our own trumpet excessively, but we feel the results at the end of last month were worth publishing.

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During April 2017 we experienced our busiest day ever on SoundCloud. Although it may not seem like many plays to some of you superstars who may be reading this, is was great for us. 615 plays in a period of 24 hours means over 25 plays every hour, or almost one every two minutes for a whole day. Hooray! \,,/(>.< )\,,/ 615 plays in 24 hours!

First up, the All Genre Chart. As you can see if you zoom in a bit, The Percolator by Flicker just managed to make it into the Top Ten across the whole Atom Collector Records website!


Atom Collector Records All Genre chart April 2017.

Let’s admire the Rock Chart. One might say that we dominated this chart! Flicker were #1 with Blown Away, #3 with Moonpath, #4 with Farsight and #5 with Hair and Eyes. Dark Company were #6 with Crash (EastEnders RMX), #7 with Spoiler and #9 with Armed & Dangerous. Not too shabby! :)

Atom Collector Rock Chart April 2017

Atom Collector Rock Chart April 2017.

Dark Company dominated the Reggae Chart, with Killer and Last Train to Heaven finishing the month at #1 and #2 respectively. :-D

dominated by Dark Company

Atom Collector Reggae Chart April 2017.

The Jazz Chart was another stonking success for Wud Records. Flicker topped it with their dark instrumental Or Maybe Not…? and Dark Company finished the month at #2 with Astrologer.

Atom Collector Jazz Chart April 2017

Atom Collector Jazz Chart April 2017.

The biggest surprise of the month was with Dark Company finishing at #2 on the Rap and Hiphop Chart with Sacrifice, the opening track from their Rage in Heaven album.

Dark Company: Sacrifice

Atom Collector Rap and Hiphop Chart April 2017.

For a while we wondered if The Percolator by Flicker might end the month topping the World Music Chart, but eventually GLX ran away with the votes leaving Flicker at #2.

The Percolator by Flicker

Atom Collector World Music Chart April 2017.

The catch-all Other Music Chart category saw Future Sadness Past, the 1991 ambient experimental soundscape by Dark Company, finish the month at #3.

Dark Company

Atom Collector ‘Other’ Chart April 2017.

The final chart on which any of our artists’ music appeared was the EDM Chart. In the face of some very stiff opposition, Dark Company managed three entries from their 1993 Rage in Heaven album. Terminal Road was #11, Medicines was #17 and The Forger was #19.

Dark Company

Atom Collector EDM Chart April 2017.

We are very hopeful of another successful month at Atom Collector Records in May 2017. If you happen to come upon one of our tracks there, please vote it up and give us a tweet!

We have kept our tracks that reached #1 on Atom Collector Records for another month. Killer by Dark Company remains in the Reggae section. Or Maybe Not…? and Blown Away by Flicker remain in the Jazz and Rock sections respectively. Medicines by Dark Company was moved to the Rock section to see how it fares there. Some of our bands’ multi-genre or post-genre tracks our rather hard to categorise, as fans will know.

Should May prove to be another good month for us, we shall probably post details similar to these, both in our News service and on Twitter.

Here is that link to Atom Collector Records again. Just click here and a new tab will open. It’s free to join and will give your music increased genuine organic exposure.