Wud Records: building work (almost) complete!

Well, what a happy day for Wud Records – and all on the Winter Solstice as well! How auspicious. Yes, the building work for our new studios is finally complete apart from a tiny bit of drilling to hang the main studio monitor speakers in the control room. It’s taken a long time and a monumental effort by a variety of skilled people with specialist equipment and it’s finally complete. Hooray!

The wiring and acoustic treatments still need to be done, but the toughest part of the job is finished and we are now very hopeful of being back in the business of recording and releasing fantastic original music in the next few days.

This is particularly good news for our active musicians: Flicker, Dark Company, Pok and The Bastard Sons of Dennis. It also means we will be able to continue working with the material left by our numerous Legacy bands and various Archive acts.

So we invite you all to raise a glass of the good stuff with us tonight to celebrate the start of the sun’s return journey, as well as the start of our own. Cheers!