Wud Records: exodus

The normal everyday operations of Wud Records are becoming more and more tricky. This is due to the uncertain political situation in the UK. Wud Records started in the south west of England and it is where we have always been based.

A number of our team and their wider familes are EU nationals. Some are being pressured into leaving this country by the Home Office. You couldn’t make this stuff up and the mainstream media won’t talk about it, but it’s real, and it’s nasty.

It beggars belief and is disappointing beyond words that so many people in this mad country are still xenophobic and inward-looking. These are the people who have failed to empower themselves with knowledge, and who have allowed themselves to be manipulated by three or four billionaires who own the right-wing press and the BBC. It’s frightening to think that the average IQ of a human is only 100.

But there you have it. We are where we are, and fairly soon we will be… somewhere else! We are planning our Grand Exodus – rather like the elves leaving Middle Earth.

After a lengthy period of consultations, head scratchings, beard twiddlings, fingernail chewings (bah! please don’t – ed.) and discussions, Wud Records have taken the drastic and momentous decision to move the entire operation – and as many personnel as are up for the move – to mainland Europe during 2017. Some of us have already left in the last few days, to begin setting up new premises and new homes.

As such, things are even slower than normal. If you look at our most recent news posts, they all feature Wud Records as a whole and there is nothing new coming from any of our bands. It may take a few months for anything to appear to happen. Our musical output seems to have dwindled to an occasional dribble and very little seems to have been achieved in our studios in the last month.

Please bear with us! All being well, everything will be running again before the end of 2017. We will keep you updated in our News service and on Twitter.