Wud Records: forums news

We have some news concerning the forums at Wud Records. Back on 13th July 2012 we posted in the Wud Records ‘News’ service that the forums were largely broken. This was mostly due largely to the vast tidal wave of spam coming west from China and the fact that the forum software which we use is no longer supported by its developers, who have well and truly left the building. And the universe.

So following a period of consultation, chin rubbing, beard twiddling and nasal hair tweaking, we have decided to look into the possibility of altering the format of the forums to more that of a blog format, and we will encourage our visitors there to comment as and how they will. That will avoid the frightful shower of horrible processed meat of doubtful origin that is being flung around the web in truly gargantuan profusion whilst at the same time keeping the nuggets of goodness that exist in the forums safe, allowing them to continue to attract the genuine web traffic to our site.

More news concerning our forums will be forthcoming soon in the Wud Records ‘News’ service.

In other Wud Records news, we have succeeded in causing the main computer in Studio One to cease all types of function other than turning on its own internal fan by attempting to integrate a new super-duper fast chip. This is the joy of progress. Now all we need is a candle and a large pink shovel with the word “plonker” embossed on the handle and everything will be fine again.