Wud Records: free downloads or pay what you want!

Wud Records now offer free downloads or pay what you want on all downloadable music. You can now download anything you want from Bandcamp for free! This global change is effective immediately.

Of course, if the music we release has some value for you and you would like to contribute financially, we greatly appreciate it. Just like everyone else, we need to keep the electricity on, the rent paid, our websites and equipment maintained, and our artists need to buy a loaf of bread sometimes to keep this whole thing going.

We have decided to do this after a period of research and chin-rubbing. It was quite a lot of the latter and now we all need to apply special chin ointment, thrice daily. But never mind.

Most people who download our music have tended to pay more than the minimum asking price. Also there are some who may not be hearing and loving our bands’ music because to them the whole issue of payment can be an access problem.

All we need from you now, if you decide to download some of our music for free, is an email address. This is so we can send you an occasional message. These occasional messages tend to be extremely occasional, the previous one being sent in 2014. So it’s not such a big deal.

If you happen to see any obselete text concerning pricing on any of our Bandcamp pages, please take no notice as this new policy now takes president. You can even let us know of such writings so we can change them should you find any. Please email info@wudrecords.co.uk to give us the heads-up.

Our free downloads or pay what you want policy even extends to the newest releases. More are one the way too, with several of Pok’s songs progressing well. Due largely to the difficulties being imposed on us by the current Brexit situation we are concentrating on working with Pok and The Bastard Sons of Dennis as much as possible as they will be remaining in the UK when we relocate.

Why don’t you come and listen to some of our bands’ glorious music at Bandcamp? Remember – free downloads or pay what you want! Just click here to open the page.