Wud Records: January 2017 top ten tracks published at SoundCloud

The top ten tracks for January 2017 from Wud Records have been published in a new playlist at SoundCloud. Tracks have been arranged from one to ten according to their popularity.

Further such playlists will be published on a monthly basis. These playlists will take into account plays, likes, downloads and reposts at SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Tracks that are only published at Bandcamp will be omitted from the SoundCloud playlist. Archive tracks will also be ignored.

January 2017 was another reasonably busy month for Wud Records at SoundCloud, although the total amount of plays was down about 15% from our busiest month, which was July 2016. At Bandcamp we enjoyed another busy month of growth on that platform.

We’d like to thank everybody who helped to make January 2017 another splendid month for us by listening, commenting and reposting our bands’ tracks. Only you, the listener, can influence our February 2017 playlist, so if there is a track you particularly like, keep playing it!

When we have a bit of spare time we will make further Top Ten playlists going back to when Wud Records first joined SoundCloud. The way their site is structured makes it easy for us to do so, so well done to SoundCloud for being so splendid in that regard. The Wud Records charts used to be a popular feature a few years ago and it is great to be able to bring them back. We shall let you know when we publish others on Twitter, so make sure you are following us there.

Congratulations to Dark Company, whose song Medicines was our number one track once again in January. Medicines has been a massive track for us for over 20 years and has been a frequent chart-topper. Also appearing in this month’s chart are Flicker, Wud, Laughing Sun and Rough Terrain. Well done to all!

Meanwhile, over at Bandcamp, the recently released epic from The Bastard Sons of Dennis, The Furniture (Los Muebles), received the most plays and downloads. Dark Company‘s fabulous 1993 Rage In Heaven album was the most downloaded album from Bandcamp again, so thanks very much for all your support to those who downloaded our music. It helps keep the lights burning. :)

If you would like to go to SoundCloud to hear the top ten songs from Wud Records in January 2017, as played, downloaded, liked and reposted by listeners, please click here.

If you prefer to listen here at Wud Records, you will find that it is our new default music player and you will find it on all non band-specific pages at our site, such as our News service or our homepage.