Wud Records: online marketing advice and strategy guide

Here at Wud Records we don’t normally go in for offering marketing advice, especially unrequested marketing advice. We tend to feel that other people who find us are likely to be grown-ups who know what they are about, and if there is something they want to understand a bit better, the chances are likely that somebody on the internet has already explained it better than we ever could.

However, we’ve decided to make an exception. There’s a story behind this as well, so if you’re sitting comfortably…

During a recent team discussion, we were reminded of something. At the very beginning of the ‘new’ Wud Records website in 2008, it was something we hoped to achieve one day. What we hoped for was somebody to listen to one of our tracks every hour. We have been exceeding this for quite some time now. On average, between four and five people listen every hour, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. This figure is growing all the time. It’s simply amazing.

Several months ago, we began to use a brand new marketing strategy to try to increase our fanbase on SoundCloud and our followers on Twitter in a wholesome, organic way, one which didn’t involve paid services that would result in useless phoney likes and follows.

This led to the creation of our Discoveries playlists, which are compilations of the favourite music our team agree on from everything that we hear at SoundCloud during any given month. Some of those wonderful acts that we’ve discovered are barely being heard at all, which seems a terrible shame considering what fabulous music they are involved in creating.

Some of the ones who we have given free publicity and shoutouts to have asked us how they might reach more supporters and new fans. After typing our strategy a few times in emails and private messages, we decided to put the little knowledge we have and tips that seem to have worked for us into one page at our website so everyone can see it if they want to.

Some marketing companies will charge you a fortune for this very same information. It’s no secret, and the more people use this method, the better for everyone.

If you would like to read our ‘How-To’ marketing advice guide, “Be Discovered on Social Media Platforms!”, please click here.

Good luck!