Wud Records: shop shuffled

We have shuffled the order of the albums for sale at our shop at Bandcamp, to reflect the same page order of our artists as at Wud Records.

Older bands, which are no longer active, are arranged according to the time in which they existed.

Bands that are still active are arranged in order of overall historical sales volume, with Flicker being first as our biggest-selling artist. Active artists Flicker, Dark Company, The Bastard Sons of Dennis and Pok have their material arranged in order of newness.

These albums at Bandcamp are under construction:
Flicker: HappySad
The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Cosy Lube Turtle
The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Cherry Smoke Empire
Pok: Anthology

These albums at Bandcamp are awaiting remastering:
The Ug Brothers: Cute But Weird
Alien Heat: Red Rug Demo
Alien Heat: Essential

There are still two tracks on Flicker’s At Least 1000 Words album that need to be remastered.

There is a lot of secret hidden material at Bandcamp, which we plan to release soon when more artwork is developed. We shall let you know all about this in our ‘News’ service when it happens.