Wud Records: site default music player fixed – finally!

Hooray hooray hooray hooray hooray! Finally! The Wud Records default music player has been fixed and is now available to be enjoyed on every non band-specific page at our website. It has been broken for a couple of years at least, so to finally have it working again has raised spirits in the camp tremendously.

The playlist consists of the top ten tracks at SoundCloud and Bandcamp in the previous month. We shall update the default playlist each month with the ten most popular tracks as downloaded, played and liked by listeners. Tracks that are published exclusively at Bandcamp will be omitted.

This means that you can influence our playlist for the next month. If there is a track (or tracks) that you particularly like, keep on playing them and perhaps they will appear! We shall, of course, be announcing the publication of all future new monthly playlists both in our News service and on Twitter.

Last month’s chart was dominated and topped by Dark Company, with Flicker, Clonk! and Wud all making appearances.

You will find the new default playlist at many different pages here at Wud Records. If you happen to want to listen to it at SoundCloud instead, please click here.