Wud Records: social media policy

The Wud Records Social Media Policy has come under review in a recent meeting of our team. We have been struggling to tweet as much as we once did. There are simply not enough hours in a day, nor days in a week, to achieve everything we want to achieve online.

We have decided that from now onwards, a full run of tweeting will be done at least three times a week, starting from Mondays. Sometimes tweets will occur more than three times a week, as and when there is time. Three times a week will remain guaranteed for now. This includes weekends.

Sam will continue to tweet on behalf of Wud Records. George will tweet on behalf of the other Twitter accounts, apart from Pok’s, which will be handled by Pok himself and Claudi.

Tweets may not necessarily occur every Monday! Work, life, family, musical activity and other such commitments will influence the days on which we tweet.

Mondays will continue to be the start of our week, so new legacy Musical Discoveries playlists and featured tracks will become active from Mondays. Recently we have been keeping the same legacy compilation and featured track for two weeks, due to the necessary reduction in tweeting time. This will revert back to weekly. Three free social media shoutouts is better than none, after all. :)

Musical Discoveries will continue as before, as they are very popular. That means we will continue to tweet the tracks we hear and like in addition to the full run of tweets.

Facebook will continue to be largely ignored, by majority vote. We considered linking the Twitter feed back to facebook, but fb’s policy of hiding everything you post as much as possible unless you pay for your followers to be allowed to see it is a corporate abomination and goes against the spirit of wudding.

Instagram will have a new photo or picture added at least twice a week. They will tend to be a bit random, so come and follow us and be surprised!

Bandcamp has a new community feature and we will continue to post there for our fans from time to time. Posts at Bandcamp are exclusive! If you wish to see what we are posting, hear our secret experimental uploads and be among the first to enjoy new releases, come and follow us on Bandcamp. It’s free to sign up with a fan account.

YouTube is the toughest one. We have many hours of video footage that needs to be organised. At present there is no time and nobody available to organise it. Much as we would love to upload a lot of movies for you to enjoy, it is very difficult and may not happen for a few more months.

We shall let all of our friends, fans and followers know of any further changes to social media policy in our News service and on Twitter.