Alchemeon: out-takes and good takes

Posted by Wudmaster on 25/02/09

A couple of new out-takes have been added to the Alchemeon page. The song It’s A Blue Sky Don’t Hold No Rain seems to attract blorts like moths to a flame. There may well be changes to the Alchemeon page over the next day or two as new files are being assessed.

Wud Records: new design!

Posted by Wudmaster on 24/02/09

The new improved design for the Wud Records website has been uploaded! Hooray! We celebrated this monumental achievement for humanity with some still mineral water and a carrot. Rocktastic.

The Wud Records shop is also being built. Hopefully we have enough bricks with a large ‘W’ embossed on them, otherwise it will probably fall down, causing grievous harm to any mice owned by the Cutler family.

If that were not enough, the Explicit Music site has also undergone a few changes.

Recently a great many recordings from the Wud Records archives have been squeezed into the magical silicone orgasmatron to be treated with respect and love and sent to their proper places here. At this very moment the Indeed collection by Laughing Sun is being input, so come back often to see what is new. :)

Dark Company: Road Tripped up, and down again

Posted by Wudmaster on 18/02/09

Another new song from Dark Company’s forthcoming Bad Habits album was uploaded, the song being called Road Tripped. After a careful listen we decided we didn’t like the mix all that much and took it away for further fiddlage. It may be back soon. If you heard it in this state, please pretend that you didn’t.

Wud Records: more photos uploaded

Posted by Wudmaster on 11/02/09

We’ve been slaving away like there’s no tomorrow in the curiously-scented steam fizzing from the cracks around the edges of the universe. The results of our labours are the various photos that have been added to assorted galleries at Wud Records, some changes to the forums and some further fiddlings at the Explicit Music site.

As we are still ‘undergoing development’ here, and are not as such a ‘public site’ yet, the Wud Records team would like to say “hi!” to our recent visitors from Canada, Germany, USA and Taiwan – you know who you are! We would also like to say “h!”‘ to whoever has been downloading Pete’s art – we hope you like it! And “hi!” as well to all the other visitors who have been coming here. You are all most welcome to say “hello” back to us, in the forums. :o)

Dr Watson: Opatov Sessions

Posted by Wudmaster on 09/02/09

At Wud Records we are attempting – among other things – to upload at least a little of the music by each of our bands. It’s quite a big job, so please bear with us. The most recent additions to the site are the complete recordings of Dr Watson at the Hotel Opatov in Prague. These have now had the treatment and are available for your aural inspection.

Ug Brothers: original 1986 set uploaded

Posted by Wudmaster on 08/02/09

The only surviving recordings of the original manifestation of The Ug Brothers have been painstakingly mined from the Great Rockery of Yesterday and lovingly polished and uploaded. The only song common to both Ug Brothers sets of 1986 and 1994-5 was Drowning In Your Eyes, and it is interesting to compare the two. It can be found among the Ugstrumentals.