Wud Records: Happy New… Ear!

Posted by Wudmaster on 01/01/18

“Happy New… Ear!” proclaimed this writer’s daughter (clown) a few seconds after midnight. She will turn three in about another month and sees things in a delightfully refreshing and uncomplicated way, as all children do. They make you think though. The world could really use a Happy New Ear or two. “Two ears, one mouth. Use in proportion.” That was what a wise man we knew once said.

This time last year our family had just returned home from Bavaria on a late evening flight. The flight back was stunning – all across Europe people were celebrating with fireworks and the ground was lit up with a myriad of brilliant ephemeral iridescences. If ever you have the opportunity to fly late on a New Year’s Eve, it is extremely highly recommended.

Little could we have foreseen the events that came to pass in 2017. The xenophobia, racism, hostility and the appalling illegal political agenda of the british government, and the callous, scandalous and unscrupulous way it treated some of our people for speaking out against their polarising hatred and madness drove us from the uk to a far better place – and a far better life – on mainland Europe. A number of our team came with us as we are not all english.

It was probably the least pleasant experience of this writer’s life, to actually live through such an horrific Orwellian nightmare, but to finally be free of that wretched country that I simply do not recognise as the place where I grew up makes it ultimately worthwhile. About 27% of the population voted for brexit, and they tended to be the older and less educated people. Due to brexit, we left brexeter and embarked on a grand brexodus. We are now living very happily in brexile.

Last year we had this crazy idea: to release a track every two weeks throughout the course of the whole year. This would mean there would be about two new albums finished. We were more-or-less on track until the uk authorities tried to destroy our lives. From then on we were engaged in a battle that involved lawyers in various countries. We were supported by various TV, radio and press establishments in Europe and thankfully, we eventually prevailed. The uk press don’t talk much about what is really going on in that vile country, yet it seems to be common knowledge on the continent. If you are in the uk – please do some research and leave, if you possibly can.

So we are hoping that this year we will be able to achieve our release goals. Our new studio will be functioning in the next few days and then we can set about finishing a lot of the unfinished works that lie deep within the entrails of our machinery. If we can release 25 tracks every year, we might be done in 20 years time – assuming no more new music is created in the meantime.

In 2017 we have also made a lot of new friends and discovered a lot of fantastic new music on the internet, thanks to Twitter, SoundCloud, Atom Collector, and various others. Feel free to check out the links and there are plenty more fabulous people and organisations on our Links page.

We shall continue to champion the cause of the musical underdog and help DIY independent musicians reach the ears that are longing to welcome them. We will also continue to rebel against corporate mainstream muzak product, designed by committee and manufactured to brainwash the masses, by promoting and speaking out for those artists who are making genuine organic real bona-fide music from the heart and the soul which the mainstream media censor by ignoring. Long live the Revolution!

So let’s all hope that 2018 will be awesome, and let’s all work together to do what we can to make it so. Here’s wishing all of our readers a very Happy New… Ear!

Sam, George, Kim, Dan, Tessa, Pok, Andy, Sven, Maxx, Udo, Zak and Josh.

Wud Records: building work (almost) complete!

Posted by Wudmaster on 21/12/17

Well, what a happy day for Wud Records – and all on the Winter Solstice as well! How auspicious. Yes, the building work for our new studios is finally complete apart from a tiny bit of drilling to hang the main studio monitor speakers in the control room. It’s taken a long time and a monumental effort by a variety of skilled people with specialist equipment and it’s finally complete. Hooray!

The wiring and acoustic treatments still need to be done, but the toughest part of the job is finished and we are now very hopeful of being back in the business of recording and releasing fantastic original music in the next few days.

This is particularly good news for our active musicians: Flicker, Dark Company, Pok and The Bastard Sons of Dennis. It also means we will be able to continue working with the material left by our numerous Legacy bands and various Archive acts.

So we invite you all to raise a glass of the good stuff with us tonight to celebrate the start of the sun’s return journey, as well as the start of our own. Cheers!

Wud Records: November 2017 musical discoveries

Posted by Wudmaster on 03/12/17

A brand new playlist of all the favourite musical discoveries of the Wud Records team has been published at SoundCloud. All of the artists on it are amazing independent unsigned artists who are making great music that needs to be heard and are not associated with Wud Records. We simply accumulated songs that we all liked during November into one agreed playlist and published it at the end of the month.

Tracks have been arranged according to the number of plays at the time of publishing, starting with the fewest. Tracks that are early in playlists tend to receive more plays than later tracks, and we feel that the ones with fewer plays need the best chance of exposure.

There is a vast amount of great music on SoundCloud if you have the time and inclination to filter through it. If you happen to be looking out for some great new music, we’ve already done that filtering for you! November’s Discoveries playlist has a total of 60 tracks and is the joint largest of our Discoveries playlists so far. We are experiencing something of a talent-bloat right now!

Can you complete the challenge of listening to every track? If you manage it, tell us, tell some of the music makers involved, and tell the world on social media how you feel about what you heard. Everyone concerned would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are one of the bands from which we recently liked, shared or tweeted a track at SoundCloud, there is a chance that one of your tracks might be on this new playlist!

Are you a member of SoundCloud? We always follow back if you have your own tracks and we always listen eventually, even if it takes a few weeks. So if you would like the opportunity of a bit of free publicity you could follow Wud Records on SoundCloud. It’s even free to join with a basic membership!

We hope that a lot more people will find and listen to the wonderful songs on this new playlist of musical discoveries. Each and every track has something that we felt was special or interesting in some way. Because we enjoyed them so much, we feel that it would be great if the artists in question could have a bit more exposure for their fabulous works. So please listen, enjoy, share and check out some of these wonderful bands. In many cases it was a tough job to choose just one track from an artiste.

The playlist is very eclectic, so there is probably something on there to suit every taste. If the track you are listening to isn’t quite doing it for you, skip to the next one and perhaps that will please your ears more. Sometimes similar tracks end up next to each other, and sometimes extremely different tracks do, so we recommend you just try it for yourself.

If you find some new favourites on there, why not shout about them on social media? We are sure the artistes responsible for creating the music will welcome such word-of-mouth exposure and your friends and followers would probably love to enjoy hearing it too. At the very least you might end up making an indie musician’s day.

If you would like to listen to this special new playlist of November 2017 Musical Discoveries over at SoundCloud, please click here.

To enjoy this new playlist of great music here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

If you would like easy access to all of our previous months’ musical discoveries playlists, please click here and bookmark the page, and remember that we publish a new playlist full of undiscovered gems every month!

Wud Records: November 2017 top ten tracks published at SoundCloud

Posted by Wudmaster on 01/12/17

The top ten tracks for November 2017 from Wud Records have been published in a new playlist at SoundCloud. Tracks have been arranged from one to ten according to their popularity and take into account plays, comments, likes and reposts. Our algorithm gives 1 point for a play, 5 points for a comment, 10 points for a like and 12 points for a repost.

Tracks published at Bandcamp have been omitted from the SoundCloud playlist. This is because we feel the Bandcamp results require separate treatment. Archive tracks are also ignored.

Only you, the listener, can influence our December 2017 playlist. So if there is a track you particularly like, keep playing it!

Massive thanks go out to everybody who helped to support all of us during November 2017 by listening, commenting and reposting our bands’ tracks. November 2017‘s figures were quite good, although we have been too busy sorting out our relocation to push the promotion of tracks very much. Output of content has temporarily dwindled, which is frustrating for everyone. You can see this by looking at the headlines of recent news posts. However, we are nearing the end of this period and soon things will return to normal. Hooray!

A special mention needs to go out to Atom Collector Records. Their service continues to help us achieve consistently and significantly better activity. If you have tracks on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, ReverbNation or FanBurst, you too could see considerable growth in activity. It’s free to join. Just click here to go to their site.

Congratulations to & co, whose remix of the Dark Company track Prisoner from the forthcoming Alien Heat album has topped our chart for the very first time. The & co collective have remixed a whole load of Dark Company tracks, as well as creating some originals. We have managed to release a few of the remixes on an album called Drifting Stars, with more on the slate for release sometime in the future. Additional & co tracks also came in at positions three and ten, with remixes of Bodyfire from Alien Heat and Spoiler from Rage in Heaven respectively.

Also appearing on this month’s chart are The Ug Brothers, whose classic indie rock song Lifetime dropped from number one last month to number two. Dark Company claimed two of the ten spots with their slightly disturbing experimental soundscape Future Sadness Past from the Signmaker album and their ever-popular allegorical hobo rock anthem Last Train to Heaven from Rage in Heaven. Flicker had two entries with Tomorrow and Moonpath, both from At Least 1000 Words, and there were also places for Clonk! and Mark Drower and the Everyones. No other acts were included.

If you would like to go to SoundCloud to hear the top ten songs from Wud Records in November 2017, as played, liked and reposted by listeners, please click here.

If you prefer to listen here at Wud Records, you will find that it is the new default music player. You will find it on all non band-specific pages at the site, such as our News service or homepage.

Wud Records: Brexodus!

Posted by Wudmaster on 20/11/17

Brexodus = exodus due to Brexit.

After the UK Brexit vote fiasco, we left Brexeter to begin a Grand Brexodus. We are now Brefugees, making music in Brexile from the Fragmenting Chavdom of england, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Please note the lack of capital ‘E’ for england. We lost all respect for that country. This writer no longer recognises that country as the place where he grew up.

It will take 30-40 years to fix that sorry land, because that is how long it has been becoming more and more broken. However, in order for it to be repaired, first the will must exist to do the repairing and then the repairs must begin. There is no sign of that happening in the foreseeable future. The system suits the rich and powerful, so why should they begin repairing a system that isn’t broken for them?

In recent months we have concluded that in order for Britain to actually be ‘great’ for somebody living there, they need to be native, super-rich, racist and to have an IQ below about 90 coupled with a propensity torwards wilfull ignorance. For the majority, that actually means it’s not really very good at all, and somewhat nearer to Mediocre Britain. The mass media (owned by four or five super-rich individuals with vested interests) tells everybody on a constant basis that Britain really is great, so a lot of people genuinely believe it.

Exasperated, we gave up and left. If you have the opportunity to leave before the Brexit comes into full effect, we highly recommend you do so, as soon as possible. We hope that all the decent people who live on that mad island will be able to leave and embark on their own Brexodus, and let the xenophobic morons and super-rich do whatever they want. That way everyone will be happy.

It seems safe to say that we’ve just about completed the Brexodus by now. All of our people who are going to come with us on a permanent basis are within about a 45 minute drive of our new premises. We are now located bang in the centre of Europe, close to where the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany all meet. It’s so beautiful here. Everyone is friendly and helpful, the air is clean, the cost of living is lower, taxes are lower and stuff actually works! We have to concede that england is beautiful too, but how friendly are people towards foreigners, or to people with a darker skin tone, or to somebody who believes in a different belief system to materialism? What is there that still actually works in that broken land? Anything?

We are largely back up and running again in terms of our online presence. The one thing that we have not yet managed to get up and running again is our studio complex. This is because our new studio premises are housed in the cellar of what used to be a bank. The cellar was the strongroom, and to say that it is very well-built would be a profound understatement! All in all, this means that not only will sound leakage be zero when we are recording noisy things, but modifying the walls and the ceiling to suit our requirements is very difficult and needs specialist equipment, just to drill a small hole.

We will be finished sometime soon however, and it is reassuring to know that even a direct hit from a nuclear missile is unlikely even to leave a scratch on a microphone case. As for somebody trying to tunnel their way in, it simply can’t be done. So it’s great to feel very very safe here. The internet is about six times the speed we had in Exeter, and heading our way a few miles down the road there is a massive operation going on to install new super-high-speed broadband to everyone.

All in all our new place is fabulous. We’re becoming integrated into the local community and are looking forward to a fantastic future with a vastly improved quality of life in a society that wasn’t ruined by Margaret “There’s No Such Thing As Society” Thatcher. Bring it on! :)

Pok: Distanced Recognition

Posted by Wudmaster on 11/11/17

Distanced Recognition by Pok the Bard is a brand new release and the latest addition to the PokStar’s developing Anthology album. This latest release is one of Pok‘s very earliest songs, dating back to 1982, and within our vaults there is an ancient recording from the days of Fooog Dinboffin and the Release. We hope to bring that version to you at some time in the not-too-distant future!

Distanced Recognition is a song of wanton teenage lust, resulting from the natural upheaval associated with the changing of hormones, in accordance with the grand master plan of Mother Nature. Distanced Recognition has a delightful retro classic rock feel, a catchy melody and some great riffage. It also contains a fabulous genuine laugh-out-loud lyric that typifies the essence of being a teenager, one that everybody who has ever been attracted to somebody else will be able to relate to. The original inspiration for this essential Pok classic may have come whilst waiting for a bus and watching the people pass by in Exeter’s grotty bus station.

Pok sings the vocal and plays the Tanglewood acoustic guitar, and the lead electric guitar on Betty The Bastard, an old and rather glorious Tokai instrument. We persuaded Fedax Si-Humin, from the Fooog Dinboffin and the Release duo of yore, to emerge (albeit briefly) from his retirement to come and play the Stratocaster rhythm and his occasional lead motif. Maxx Damage and Sven Stiglund add their trademark bass and drums respectively and respectfully. Sven also added a little tiny bongo drum which he tapped with three fingers. It looked absurdly small between his big big knees when we recorded it.

In other news concerning Pok, we now have the beginnings of what we believe will be all of the songs for the final version of the Anthology album. A number of guides were recorded and plans outlined during the final session we all had with Pok in our old UK studios. We are not sure yet whether the final physical format will be a double or triple CD, but the triple looks the more likely at this stage.

Pok is still performing frequently all over the land and continues to be in great demand. He is continuing his Bardic musings, his performances with his Trickbox and Spacegoats music, whilst continuing to be based in the ancient isle of Avalon.

Most of the rest of us have left that broken land by now. Pok will continue to visit our studios on the European mainland from time to time to do more work to the forthcoming finalised Anthology album. We shall keep Pok‘s fans updated via our News service and on Twitter. Pok also has numerous social media feeds which you may like to investigate and follow as well, such as his Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blog accounts.

In other Wud Records news, we are largely moved by now. More news on this front will be coming soon. In addition, today marks the 36th birthday of the spirit of Wud Records! Wudding began in earnest in January 1984, but the 11th November 1981 is the date everything first began. Why not celebrate with a download? Everything downloadable from Bandcamp is pay-what-you-want, including for free! Naturally, any contributions to keeping our bills paid and the websites running are enormously appreciated if you are able to support us that way.

If you would like to listen to or download Distanced Recognition by Pok the Bard from Bandcamp, or indeed the entire Anthology album as it stands at present, please click here.

If you prefer to listen to Distanced Recognition right here at the Wud Records website, please click here to go to the Anthology page.