The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me is the newest release from The Bastard Sons of Dennis. It was recorded at 432Hz instead of 440Hz. It has been added to their Cherry Smoke Empire album, which is a collection of original songs by the duo. It is a gentle, wistful, melodic piece in the key of C major.

Pieces of Me is a song that was composed by Q.Wim on Sunday 24th October 1993. It was first played by The Bastard Sons of Dennis on Exmouth beach in the early summer of 1994. It has never been performed live by our gruesome twosome as it has a slow tempo and a sensitive feel, which would be incongruous in one of their high-energy live performances.

This song has a long history and we all felt it deserved to be included on this album. It was performed at the spontaneous gathering of The Bastard Sons of Dennis in May 1998, which we have uploaded to the pages of The Bastard Sons of Dennis here at Wud Records. For a complete change, it features Yuri on bass rather than guitar. This is as an echo of the 1998 jam session.

With just one track left to upload, the Cherry Smoke Empire album by The Bastard Sons of Dennis is almost complete! We hope to finish and upload the final track in the coming days. Of course, we shall keep all fans of the band updated in our News Service and on Twitter.

As with the rest of the Cherry Smoke Empire album, we have set the price for Pieces of Me to pay-what-you-want. This means you can choose what value any of the songs or indeed the whole album has for you when downloading, including for free! Contributions to keeping the lights burning and the wheels turning are all gratefully accepted. :)

If you would like to download or listen to Pieces of Me at Bandcamp, please click here.

If you prefer to listen to the whole Cherry Smoke Empire album here at Wud Records, please click here instead.