Dark Company: album pages updated at Wud Records

All of the various Dark Company album pages have been updated here at the Wud Records website. This is a task that has been somewhat long-awaited and was done in order to reflect recent events and the current situation of the band. The pages with very little written on them have had a lot of new information added as well.

During the current Brexodus that we are experiencing here at Wud Records, we have had a bit of time here and there to do various odd jobs that have been hanging around for a while, and this was one of them. More news concerning other bands on our label will be forthcoming soon in our News service and on Twitter.

We believe it will be about two more weeks until we have a fully functioning studio complex once again, which is an exciting prospect! Our new premises used to be a bank and the studio itself is located in what used to be the strongroom, so making holes in the walls and ceiling is not particularly easy. This has caused the final stages of the studio set-up to be a bit slower than we initially thought. At least nobody will be able to tunnel their way in very easily!

Once our studio is up and running again, we shall be attempting to make some progress with the unfinished Dark Company material. There is plenty of it and it is our plan to start finishing and releasing it as soon as everything is in place, including the necessary musicians!

If you would like to listen to Dark Company’s albums here at Wud Records whilst reading all of the new details that have been included, please click on their names below to go to the relevant page:

Rage in Heaven
Alien Heat
Can of Worms
Ghost of the Art
Drifting Stars (& co)
Mind Dance
Old Hands
Benign Inquisition
Bad Habits

We plan to raid our vaults again in the near future to repair the remaining broken Dark Company playlists and try to add some more live material. In addition there will soon be further news concerning the secret tracks we have recorded that will make up Dark Company‘s new triple-CD album, their 12th. Stay tuned! :)