Dark Company: Alien Heat album repaired

The Alien Heat album by Dark Company has been repaired and restored to the Wud Records website. It has also been added to our collection of playlists at SoundCloud.

These mixes are mostly beta mixes. That means they are not finished yet but are not so horribly far away. All the guitar and bass parts will need to be re-recorded and then final mixing and mastering can take place. We posted these tracks so you can hear the current state of these wonderful songs and will update you with further developments in our News service.

There are 16 tracks on the Alien Heat album, which add up to over 79 minutes of music, so the whole album will just about squeeze onto a CD if we use some vaseline and a shoe horn.

To listen to Alien Heat by Dark Company at the Wud Records website, you can do so by clicking here.

If you would prefer to listen at our SoundCloud page for Dark Company’s Alien Heat, and maybe give it a like or a repost, please click here instead. :-)