Dark Company: autumn news

It’s about time we gave Dark Company fans the band’s 2011 autumn news as the boys have been hard at work.

As you may already know, Pete’s health is not very good so we have been trying to work around his medical issues. We are trying to finish up the last few things from Dark Company’s back catalogue. As such Pete has been singing his vocal parts for the Drift of Stars album recently. This is more than half-way finished, at the end which there may be the odd bit of touching up of things that could be better.

Beyond that, we are looking into an uncertain future that may contain new songs if the health of Pete will stand up to it. He has been composing drum loops to go with the new songs he has written which may result in another new sound and direction for the band although obviously these are very early days.

Progress has been made with their Bad Habits album. All of the extra mixes for Buick Visions have been mastered and uploaded and now the next song, Nightshifters, is being tweaked rather a lot. We anticipate that the finished version of Nightshifters will sound somewhat different to the beta version currently available on the Bad Habits playlist. We have also been looking at sleeve design for the album and have some interesting and fun ideas on that front.

We have been upgrading the alpha mixes of the Alien Heat album and have completed ten of them so far, although there is still much work to be done towards the finished alpha stage. We are currently working on the drumming and synths in Easy Street and Wonderlust and the remaining four songs need extensive editing in Studio Two. These things will come to pass soon.

A few years ago Pete wrote a novel called Cello and we are looking into publishing it online in a blog format with all of Pete’s extras, such as maps of the galaxy and so on. We are also considering the music that may have been existed in that world and may attempt to create some with Dark Company.

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