Dark Company: Benign Inquisition album updated

The Benign Inquisition album from Dark Company has been updated both at SoundCloud and at Explicit Music. Benign Inquisition is an extremely eclectic album of songs ranging from hard rock to triphop to new wave to weird dark alternative experimental electronica. Dark Company wrote these songs around the turn of the century. The band then had several years break following the completion of the writing of this particular album in 2001. The subsequent album, Bad Habits, was created after a long break, seven years later.

Benign Inquisition is at present still in its early stages of finalisation, with many of the guitar, bass and drum parts needing to be recorded properly rather than just the guide tracks that you can hear if you listen to the album in its current state. We call these alpha mixes, and they are little more than demos, with some of the final parts in place along with a rough idea of the sounds and the arrangement. We like to publish these so Dark Company fans can hear the wonderful songs that this band have made.

Improved recordings of the live instruments will be made sometime in the future after earlier Dark Company albums have been released. This album will need to be mixed and mastered properly before its final full release. Further updates of such developments will be published in our News service.

The actual upgrade works that have been completed recently consist of accurate lyric transcription, addition of some fun facts, and a variety of legal issues for which we collaborated extensively with Explicit Music, our licensing partners. There will no doubt be additions to the facts and other such information in the future when the musical parts of the recordings themselves are performed properly, accurately and beautifully.

If you would like to look at the updated pages for Benign Inquisition at Explicit Music, please click here.

If you would like to listen to Benign Inquisition here at Wud Records whilst reading all the new data added to Explicit Music, please click here.

If you would like to listen to it at SoundCloud instead, where all the information for each individual track has been replicated, please click here.