Dark Company: return to the studio

After a quiet winter, Dark Company have made a welcome return to the studio to do more work on their enormous back catalogue. There has been progress on several fronts, including Bad Habits, Old Hands, Can of Worms and Mind Dance.

Earlier today, Pete was back in the studio for the first time in four months or so. Together we analysed the status of the recordings Dark Company are working on with a view to finishing recording the vocal parts for the Old Hands album and tweaking the things that need to be tweaked here and there.

Dark Company
have recently worked more on their Bad Habits album. Track #5, Nightshifters, is completely finished and mastered with a number of bonus mixes. It’s sounding absolutely fantastic and we look forward to releasing it to you!

Sven also made a return to the studio recently to re-record all of the drums for Days Like These, track #6 of the Bad Habits album. For the new drum parts, he bashed the drums somewhat harder than he had previously done to make a bigger sound, and being a rather large and powerful gentleman, his drums were well and truly bashed. The results sound great! (We are glad we are not Sven’s drums.) There are a few guitar oddities in Days Like These that we wish to get to the bottom of before it is mixed and mastered.

We have started to make better alpha mixes of the Can of Worms and Mind Dance albums. Both sets of mixes will start to be uploaded to their playlists here at Wud Records sometime soon.

Pete has also been busy creating new artwork and we have found some more of his older works as well. This means that we shall be sorting out all of his art pages. We will let you know when we fix them in our ‘News’ service, along with all further news of Dark Company.