Demon Groove Lizards: Difficult Listening Music added to the Archives

Difficult Listening Music by Demon Groove Lizards has been added to the Wud Records Archives. This is clearly fantastic news for all you fans of the amazing Demon Groove Lizards!

Difficult Listening Music is the band’s third EP. It features four funktastic tracks.

It starts out with a bang, an updated version of Sleepwalking. This is followed by Reelin’, Down and Strange Ways. Hard funk, powerful alternative heavy rock and wonderful slick musicianship are the hallmarks of this fabulous recording.

Difficult Listening Music by Demon Groove Lizards is a much more polished and slinky set of performances by the band compared to their earlier raw, yet sublime, Demo One recording. By the time this subsequent visit to the recording studio took place, Demon Groove Lizards had truly found their voice and their musical identity.

When Difficult Listening Music was recorded, Demon Groove Lizards had polished their act with countless live performances and had grown a terrific reputation for their shows.

We shall be releasing each track from Difficult Listening Music by Demon Groove Lizards, one at a time, over the course of the next few days. if you should happen to read this and find there are fewer than four songs available to be heard from the EP, check back in a day or two and there shall be more! This is for logistical reasons to do with the way new tracks are processed and discovered at SoundCloud.

When the Demon Groove Lizards recorded Difficult Listening Music, their line-up had changed somewhat compared to their earlier Demo One recording. It was the same personnel as for their Demo Two EP. Alongside the band’s hardcore of Ian Lee on bass and Brent Cassidy on rhythm guitar, we find Phil Stamp on vocals, Jay Henson on lead guitar and Chris White on drums.

Demo One was a great EP. It showcases the band’s undeniable musicianship and their tremendously infectious songwriting talent. You can hear in the rawness of the individual performances of the EP that the songs had just started to take shape. It is clearly a recording from early in a band’s existence.

Demo Two by the Demon Groove Lizards demonstrates the band’s gestalt musical development. When it was recorded, the band were clearly a much tighter and more well-drilled unit.

Difficult Listening Music continues that theme of musical growth. The quality of musicianship is superb, the band slick and their sound instantly identifiable.

Should any further Demon Groove Lizards material come to light, we shall do our best to bring it to you. Please make sure you follow our News service and Twitter to stay up to date with future announcements.

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