Flicker: Sauce!

Sauce! is now an official new release from our guitar and instrumental specialists, Flicker. Sauce! has been added both to the HappySad album at Bandcamp and included in the player you can hear here at Wud Records. The track itself and the HappySad album as it stands right now are both downloadable for pay-what-you-want, which includes for free, although if you were able to support us with a few coins for our efforts that would be a tremendous help when it comes to keeping the lights on and food on the table.

Since we released the remastered It Starts Right Here a few years ago, HappySad has appeared as a one-track album, which seems faintly absurd to be honest. So it is a great releief to finally be able to double the amount of tracks on the forthcoming HappySad album.

Sauce! is about blatant innuendo-rich cheeky saucy sauce, rather than some sort of variation on theme of ketchup, we are told, and it certainly has a very cheeky and saucy sound.

George wrote the guitar part for Sauce! in around 2001 whilst Flicker were busy working on the their debut album, At Least 1000 Words. Sauce! is in the key of G and all of the guitar parts were played on Nicodemus. The track also features Maxx Damage, who slaps and fingers the Plank in his own unique style, and Sven Stiglund, who hammers the drums rhythmically and unforgivingly.

It’s taken almost 16 years for Flicker to release a new track since their first album At Least 1000 Words was released to much positive critical acclaim in 2002. We are all reasonably confident that the next Flicker release will take slightly less time to appear. We will keep all Flicker fans informed of such developments in our News service and on Twitter.

Flicker have their own separate Twitter and Facebook feeds as well, which you might like to follow for more news directly from the band themselves. You can either click on the embedded links here or find them via our Links page.

If you would like to listen to Sauce! within the HappySad album here at Wud Records, please click here.

To hear the whole HappySad album as it stands right now over at Bandcamp, please click here.

To listen or download Sauce! from Bandcamp, please click here.