Flicker: web pages updated at Wud Records

All of the Flicker pages here at Wud Records have received a long-awaited update to reflect current events and recent history. Most of the Flicker pages have also had additional information added to them. Why not have a look for yourself? You can reach all of Flicker’s pages here at the Wud Records website by clicking here.

During the present transition between the UK and Europe, we find ourselves with occasional time to spare. We will aim to use this spare time constructively by updating more pages at the website so that the fans of our bands can see what has happened recently and find out more of the stories behind the music. There have been a few odd snatches of news concerning several of our bands over the past few months and we shall publish everything in due course.

There will be more Flicker news in the coming weeks once the new Wud Records studio has been fully constructed and tested. These are exciting times and we believe that some of the potential that our active bands have shown will start developing fully in the coming months. We shall continue to keep everyone informed of subsequent developments in our News service and on Twitter.

We are very pleased to say that this is the first news post for some months that is not simply to announce the publication of a new playlist at SoundCloud! Things are moving on at a pace by now and the future looks bright. Hooray!