Pok: Distanced Recognition

Distanced Recognition by Pok the Bard is a brand new release and the latest addition to the PokStar’s developing Anthology album. This latest release is one of Pok‘s very earliest songs, dating back to 1982, and within our vaults there is an ancient recording from the days of Fooog Dinboffin and the Release. We hope to bring that version to you at some time in the not-too-distant future!

Distanced Recognition is a song of wanton teenage lust, resulting from the natural upheaval associated with the changing of hormones, in accordance with the grand master plan of Mother Nature. Distanced Recognition has a delightful retro classic rock feel, a catchy melody and some great riffage. It also contains a fabulous genuine laugh-out-loud lyric that typifies the essence of being a teenager, one that everybody who has ever been attracted to somebody else will be able to relate to. The original inspiration for this essential Pok classic may have come whilst waiting for a bus and watching the people pass by in Exeter’s grotty bus station.

Pok sings the vocal and plays the Tanglewood acoustic guitar, and the lead electric guitar on Betty The Bastard, an old and rather glorious Tokai instrument. We persuaded Fedax Si-Humin, from the Fooog Dinboffin and the Release duo of yore, to emerge (albeit briefly) from his retirement to come and play the Stratocaster rhythm and his occasional lead motif. Maxx Damage and Sven Stiglund add their trademark bass and drums respectively and respectfully. Sven also added a little tiny bongo drum which he tapped with three fingers. It looked absurdly small between his big big knees when we recorded it.

In other news concerning Pok, we now have the beginnings of what we believe will be all of the songs for the final version of the Anthology album. A number of guides were recorded and plans outlined during the final session we all had with Pok in our old UK studios. We are not sure yet whether the final physical format will be a double or triple CD, but the triple looks the more likely at this stage.

Pok is still performing frequently all over the land and continues to be in great demand. He is continuing his Bardic musings, his performances with his Trickbox and Spacegoats music, whilst continuing to be based in the ancient isle of Avalon.

Most of the rest of us have left that broken land by now. Pok will continue to visit our studios on the European mainland from time to time to do more work to the forthcoming finalised Anthology album. We shall keep Pok‘s fans updated via our News service and on Twitter. Pok also has numerous social media feeds which you may like to investigate and follow as well, such as his Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blog accounts.

In other Wud Records news, we are largely moved by now. More news on this front will be coming soon. In addition, today marks the 36th birthday of the spirit of Wud Records! Wudding began in earnest in January 1984, but the 11th November 1981 is the date everything first began. Why not celebrate with a download? Everything downloadable from Bandcamp is pay-what-you-want, including for free! Naturally, any contributions to keeping our bills paid and the websites running are enormously appreciated if you are able to support us that way.

If you would like to listen to or download Distanced Recognition by Pok the Bard from Bandcamp, or indeed the entire Anthology album as it stands at present, please click here.

If you prefer to listen to Distanced Recognition right here at the Wud Records website, please click here to go to the Anthology page.