Search Party: Demo repaired

The Search Party Demo from 1999 has been repaired and included in our ever-growing collection of playlists over at SoundCloud. Search Party are one of our Archive bands as they were never a part of the Wud Records label. The band came to our attention when one of the Wud Records team became their regular live front-of-house sound engineer back in the day. They have a certain similarity in style to Dark Company. We will no doubt continue to love their music forever.

Search Party were a stunningly good live band. They played many shows and wowed audiences across the southwest of England with their unique blend of melodic progressive ethno-trance-rock featuring powerful vocal harmonies, inventive guitars, unusual wind instruments, ethnic drums and trance-heavy sequencing. We hope one day to find some more Search Party songs to publish for you to enjoy.

One of the band’s most innovative features was their use of the five-string Telecaster. Lawrence broke a high E-string one day and chose never to replace it.

Please note that Wud Records does not own the copyright to any of the material published in our Archives section. It is not our intention to compromise or violate in any way the copyright of the respective owners of the works that are there. We simply published this music because we love it and feel that it still needs to be heard by the world.

If you happen to be a copyright owner of any of the Archive material and would like it to be removed, corrected, republished, approved, or anything else, please email so that this can be done.

Search Party are the first of our Archive bands to have their playlist repaired since the malfunction of the old Flamplayer, which can still be found festering and rotting at a few pages here at the Wud Records website. In the coming days and weeks we shall be repairing the rest of our Archive section and with luck will be able to bring you some new Archive material as well. Details of further repairs and releases will be published in our News service and on Twitter.

You can listen to the three songs on the Search Party Demo at the Wud Records website by clicking here.

If you would prefer to listen to it at SoundCloud instead, please click here.