Wud Records: changes and musical news

Now that the studios are working well enough to actually be useful again (loud outburst of cheering) we have done some work on improving the look of the Wud Records and Explicit Music websites.

You will notice that the news feed for each act works properly now, and the CD image in the top margin has the names of the different bands of our site when you are looking at any of their pages. The look of the lettering for internal links at Explicit Music has been improved as well. Thanks to the team at Darfuria for all their work in making this happen.

There has been some recent studio activity here as well. Flicker have been in to record some of the track called Minnack from their HappySad album and will be back for more of the same in the next few days. We are planning to release some alpha mixes of HappySad when we have a little more of it at alpha stage.

Dark Company have been busy as well, with Pete returning to do some singing on the song Damaged from the Benign Inquisition album. We hope to complete this in three weeks or so as we are all very busy right now.

In more Dark Company news, Maxx has been laying down some breathtakingly beautiful bass guitar for Amanita Alice from the Bad Habits album. There was a thunderstorm right overhead during the recording of his parts and we had to pause and wait until Thor’s angry javelins stopped causing the recorders to crackle!

Our design team are making Rough Terrain’s Exit Stage Deaf compilation album artwork and we shall be selling the finished product in our shop.

A trip to the archive vault has unearthed some ancient Ug Brothers recordings which we plan to remaster and upload for you soon.

There have also been some more developments regarding our forthcoming TV channel which we hope you will enjoy. This is top secret for now and we shall release some more information soon. A number of other things are developing behind the scenes as well right now. How exciting!