The Archives section of the Wud Records website is akin to a museum, where the music and memories of glorious bands from days gone by can be exhibited. These bands can no longer be heard performing live, so this is a place where their wonderful songs can live on and continue to be enjoyed.

We created these pages because we are huge fans of these bands. This material is not owned by us but by independent individuals and companies.

It seems to be a terrible shame that there are so many bands who create incredible original material and then simply disappear without trace. Usually after a band splits up it is no longer possible to ever hear any of those songs again. Perhaps we can go a small way to rectify this issue.

Just imagine if the world had no recordings of music by Beethoven or The Beatles. Our musical heritage makes us the people we are today. It’s important to keep, value and treasure the music that has been a part of our lives.

If you wish to comment or if you would like to submit your material to this section, please email to do so.

Should you happen to own the rights to the material we have published here and would prefer it to be removed, we shall do as you wish. Traffic figures can be supplied upon request.

We are very interested in giving exposure to the following bands:

* Midriff (Plymouth c.1999-2001) – Chris Brian (guitar/vocals), Simon Patel (bass), Lee Ireland (drums)

* Free Barrabas (Torbay c.2000-01) – Steve Sowden (guitar/vocals), ??? (bass), ??? (drums)

* Swamp Thing (Brixham c.1988-90) – Marston Hawkins (bass, vocals), Rodney (uberwiddlesome guitar), ??? (drums)

* The Sicillians (Drewsteignton c.1986-8) – ??? (vocals, guitar), Dave Costello (lead guitar, bass), Pete Bravo (bass, trumpet), Tim Peirce (lead congas), Tim Irons (drums)

* The Vibration Doctors (Sidmouth c.1985-8) – Rick Austin (bass/vocals/didjeridoo), ??? (guitar/vocals), ??? (drums)

* Rough Cut (Ipplepen c. 1988-90) – ??? (guitar/vocals). ??? (guitar/vocals), ??? (bass), ??? (drums)

If you have any recordings of them, or indeed any of the other acts that are already in the Wud Records archives, please contact as we would love to hear from you.

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