The Blaze Tape (1982)

The Blaze Tape, by Mark Drower and the Everyones.

These are the songs Mark Drower and the Everyones recorded at Blaze Studios, Torquay, in September 1982.

For many, this was their very first experience of a professional recording studio.

Mark had a mic for his voice and another mic for his guitar. Simon used a combo amp that belonged to the studio, with onboard reverb and some effects borrowed from George.

Another mic was placed bang in the centre of the room to pick up the sound of the rest of the ensemble. Most people were sat on the floor. Mark had a chair and Simon stood to play guitar.

The room itself was heavily carpetted and acoustically damped for a dry sound.

“OK, tape running,” uttered the engineer’s disembodied voice at the start of each song. And then they were away!

There are two additional songs, available only to those who were present, and upon request. They were both recorded after lunch, which was somewhat liquid, and could be described as ‘for specialists’.

The Cast of Players:
Mark Drower – acoustic guitar and lead vocal
Simon Miller – lead electric guitar
Lisa Williams – talkover in Treasure
The Everyones – backing vocals

The Everyones were: Lyn Schofield, Emma Leach, Tim Atkins, Richard Rugg, Jon Kneebone, Caireen Toms, Pete Rippin, Ian Barratt, Mark Colson, Rachel Pettet, Jo Coker, Allanah Tomkins, Andrew Lazenby and George Davies.

In many ways, Everyone was the dawn of what would become Wud Records. The Blaze Tape is the oldest recording in the Wud Records collection. Even after four decades, it still invokes powerful and fond memories in the personel who were a part of it.

01 I Know I Know You
02 This Time Tomorrow
03 Treasure
04 The Mirror