Dark Company: Can of Worms information upgrade at Explicit Music

All of the information regarding the Can of Worms album by Dark Company has had something of an upgrade at Explicit Music. We even added a bit more copy to the Can of Worms page here at Wud Records. As far as we can tell, all of the lyrics are correct having been carefully proofread. Not only that, all of the other information, such as authors, publishers, performers and the extensive ‘Fun Facts’ sections have been checked, added to, corrected and given the full works.

Can of Worms is a curious album as it is one that the band Dark Company were never too keen on in terms of the actual songs. Most of them were originally put together during the first two incarnations of Dark Company. They then tended to be put on hold in favour of the songs that appear on Signmaker, Rage in Heaven, Alien Heat and Ghost of the Art.

Here at Wud Records we had heard demos and early versions of all of these tracks and liked them very much. We decided that we simply had to pull rank on this occasion. We persuaded Dark Company to make the songs real and put them all together, into one collection. It was not the easiest of diplomatic missions, but as you can hear, it worked. :)

The tracks are far from finished, but it’s great to be able to hear the makings of a fabulous album, as we knew it would be. Even the band themselves have come round, and they like this one a whole lot by now. Even Pete, who was the most skeptical, agreed in the end that it had been well worth it, and some of the tracks on it were genuine favourites of his.

We shall be improving the audio on Can of Worms considerably, by dispensing with the guide tracks and recording actual parts, as well as mixing and mastering the album. This will take place in a few months once the Alien Heat album has been completed and released, depending largely on what’s going to happen to our team post-Brexit. Any news of such developments will be posted in our News service and on Twitter, so be sure to follow us there.

Now you too can enjoy listening to these wonderful unfinished tracks here at Wud Records whilst reading their lyrics, backstories and so on, over at Explicit Music in the small lightbox windows that open up, by clicking here!

If you prefer to listen to the Can of Worms album by Dark Company over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.

If you would simply like to read the various details at Explicit Music and open the songs individually from that site, please click here.

Do you dare to open… the Can of Worms? :-p