Wud Records: all kinds of music coming soon

All kinds of music is coming soon! We are very excited about all the things that we are currently working on and would like to give you an update on what it all is.

Ever since the recent control room upgrade took place, we have been conducting a number of… experiments… in the new sandbox/play area. This has been to help understand the new system better. It has also enabled our engineering team to apply all the theory that has been learned during the months and years of frustration, where nothing seemed to make a lot of difference. It has been reported that removing most of the ‘enhancements’ that were applied at various stages of the mixing process has been a very effective place to begin.

We started with some old legacy recordings. The Subterraineans Demo was upgraded and released last month.

Laughing Sun‘s Cander has also been upgraded, although we are still waiting on some artwork before its release. You may have noticed that Cander has been removed from the ‘coming soon’ section on the homepage of the Wud Records website, as this really is coming very soon.

Please understand that both of these two collections of songs are very old recordings that have been salvaged from cassette. As such they are never going to match Miley or Harry or Justin in terms of modern digital high quality sound recording values.

We anticipate that not much more will be achieved before next week due to other pressures and events currently taking place. However, there really is all kinds of music coming soon. Here is what we are working on and planning for the next few months.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis

The entire Cosy Lube Turtle album by The Bastard Sons of Dennis is being remixed and remastered and will be re-released in the next few weeks. It is about halfway done.

Once that one is finished, their Cherry Smoke Empire album will undergo the same treatment.

Additionally, there is a collection of five previously unheard original songs by The Bastard Sons of Dennis. These songs have been developed a little further during the early part of this year. They still require a lot more work. We are looking forward very much to their completion.


Not only did we release a new tune by the amazing Flicker recently, we have also remastered their HappySad album.

Several more tracks are fairly close to being finished and we shall, of course, be letting all Flicker fans know about such developments in our News service and on Twitter. The HappySad album is slated to be 19 tracks long when it is finished, so there is still a fair way to go.

We are probably not going to remaster At Least 1000 Words by Flicker unless the analysis shows beyond all doubt that the remastering needs to be completed urgently.

Dark Company

Dark Company‘s Signmaker and Rage in Heaven albums are also unlikely to be remastered any time soon, again pending further analysis. We are planning to re-release all of the singles from these two albums, although that may not happen especially quickly.

The Alien Heat album, however, will be inching towards its completion. A few things still need to be tracked during the remixings and remasterings described above. Then the final mixes and masters of the Alien Heat songs will be completed and released. We are planning various single releases as well as the album.

Pok the Bard

Pok‘s Anthology album is also being remixed and remastered. We are hoping to add new songs to the album at the same time as the remixing, with both The Sidewalk Song and She’s Beautiful approaching the end of their tracking phase and entering production and mixing. Although the remixing of Anthology has not begun yet, it will start in the next few days.

And That’s Not All!

We are planning to add further material to the Archives as well as working on all kinds of music promised in the ‘coming soon’ section of our homepage.

More news on individual projects will be coming your way soon. To keep up with the latest on all kinds of music we are working on, be sure to bookmark our News service and follow us on Twitter.