Wud Records: June 2024 top ten published at SoundCloud

The June 2024 Chart

The top ten tracks for June 2024 from Wud Records have been published in a new compilation at SoundCloud.

However… there is a certain proviso to all of this. In much the same way as all social media platforms become ever more strangled under ever tighter controls, so too is the data from streaming services – especially SoundCloud – more vague and less complete. In fact, the quality of data from some platforms has become so downgraded that we have been forced to calculate the chart this month using an entirely new system. Thank goodness for the Statistics module at university!

This new system is entirely based upon general tendencies and trends that have occured over the last calender month. We shall elaborate further below with regard to each platform where our music is represented.

Why Use Bandcamp?

We believe that the stats we see from Bandcamp are perfectly accurate, just as SoundCloud‘s used to be before they decided to downgrade everything to a pile of rubble that is unfit for purpose.

If you are not yet a member of Bandcamp, we strongly suggest you sign up. Do it now! It’s free to join.

If you are an artist and want to sell your music and merch, there is no better place on the web to do so. If you don’t believe us, check out any search engine to see what other artists have to say. Bandcamp are simply Numero Uno. Finito.

Consider also this. There is always a danger that streaming services might remove music or artists from their platform (e.g. the recent dispute between Universal Music Group and TikTok), or the platform may even cease to exist altogether. When you subscribe, you don’t own any of the music! You’re just renting a bit of bandwidth on their distribution service, most of the revenue from which goes to big corporations rather than the artists you love. It’s a terrible business model for artists and fans alike.

To avoid having the soundtracks to your life erased, we strongly recommend buying physical media and downloads so you can listen to your favourite songs whenever you wish. You know it makes sense.

Whilst several music platforms offer music downloads, they all charge a lot more and take a much bigger percentage of that higher price then Bandcamp does.

This means that you pay more, the band receives less, and a big greedy corporation takes a big old chunk of the money you paid to support the artist all for itself, just because it can. It’s a lose-lose situation, unless you happen to be a big greedy corporation who can rip people off however the fancy takes them.

Buying music from Bandcamp will cost you less and support the artist more. It’s always a good idea to download from Bandcamp whenever possible as they are the best site for supporting artists. You can even pay more than the asking price for music on Bandcamp if you wish to add a little extra support for the artist.


We are considering moving all of our SoundCloud music to HearThis because we rather like the platform, even though it is less than 5% of the size of SoundCloud. Their MD has promised us personally that his company will not ride roughshod over its userbase without any warning at all in attempts to cut costs, and that is rather appealing.

We’ve had plenty of issues and arguments with SoundCloud over many years, such as our disabled messaging for allegedly ‘spamming’ other artists there, who we dared try to inform about being included in a Musical Discoveries compilation. It would have probably been fine if we’d messaged a bunch of major hiphop stars, instead of the multitude of curious and largely undiscovered wonders we try to support. More news on this will follow in the future.


In the last few months, SoundCloud have decided, in their seemingly infinite wisdom, to downgrade their excellent ‘Stats’ for premium users (such as ourselves) to something completely and unbelievably dreadful that they call ‘Insights’, which are surprisingly uninsightful despite the profoundly misleading nomenclature. You couldn’t make this stuff up. It beggars belief.

Somebody at the company thought it would be a good idea to take a system that worked spectacularly well in real time, and replace it with another that is so riddled with inconsistancies and errors that the data is a worthless waste of time. The scope of the data is also now severely limited, in that it only gives the top three of a given category, rather than the top 50 as it always did before.

The downgraded data has become so unreliable by now that all we can go by is the list of recent popular tracks. Nothing adds up correctly and figures can unexpectedly change even as you are looking at them. Essentially this means that SoundCloud data has become completely worthless and unusable. Once again we are considering abandoning that platform for another one that gives reliable data.

We simply do not believe the information we get from SoundCloud any more. It makes no sense and is of such poor quality that specifics need to be disregarded completely. We have very strong evidence that it is not accurate at all.

Why on earth people have to do these things seems utterly bewildering, but there we are. It has been done, and there is nothing we can do, apart from write monthly emails of remonstrations and complaint, pointing out specific errors and inconsistencies within their system, only to receive an AI generated response from a bot that has failed to understand our email and might indeed be answering somebody else’s. Customer service was never really one of SoundCloud‘s strengths.

This is the world we live in today. All social media has been tightened and downgraded and it’s becoming ever harder to use any of the platforms, with ever diminishing rewards for anyone bothering to fritter away their precious time doing so.


We are now using data from our distributors for streams on platforms such as spotify, YouTube, Deezer and so on when reckoning the monthly charts. Unfortunately the data arrives several days late, so we only use it to extrapolate general trends.

The data from the Wud Records Snotify for Artists pages covers everybody at that platform on our label. We also use the Snortify data from our distributors CD Baby and Soundrop.

Truth be told, we dislike spotify rather intensely right now. Not only are they tardy regarding supplying their stats, they have also implemented their most hideously egregious policy so far from 1st January 2024.

Spotify have chosen to take all of the revenue generated by any track having under 1000 streams and redistribute that revenue to the people who have the most streams, such as drake, kanye, taylor and so on.

Read about it here: https://blog.discmakers.com/2023/11/spotify-royalty-theft/

This isn’t just theft, it’s an absolute disgrace. Whoever thought this up should be ashamed of themselves and publicly rogered with a wire brush. Size four.

As such, we are considering boycotting spotify entirely. More news on this to come at the end of 2024.

Should our music achieve more than 1000 streams per track, which is highly likely over the course of a whole year, that means we are in effect stealing somebody else’s royalties when we are paid.

Just because a creative person achieves under 1000 streams for a song doesn’t mean we have the right to take their royalties. They probably worked just as hard as we did to make and release their music. They are no less deserving of their royalties than anybody else.

The whole thing is mucky and bad and makes us feel dirty for being paid not just our own royalties, but those of people who were unable to make the cut. This is just so wrong. It’s a proper mess.

In Conclusion…

Previously the algorithm we used gave greatest weight to downloads and reposts, then likes and comments (active engagement) over plays (passive engagement).

If somebody actually pays to download something, they must have liked it! Our artists and ourselves are always very grateful to our supporters in this respect. It genuinely helps keep the fires burning and the wheels turning.

When somebody reposts a track, that gives it the opportunity to be heard by a potential new fan. This is always a tremendous help for creative souls. It enables that track to be discovered and enjoyed by the community of the person doing the sharing, which can generate new fans.

A ‘like’ is nice, but repost actually helps the artist reach a bigger audience. You create the chance for that to happen. Recommending a song costs you nothing at all and can be a massive help for an independent artist. Why not do it now?

How Did We Calculate The June 2024 Chart?

We have combined the stats from the general trends and tendencies from all of the services mentioned above. Each platform is represented and weighted. Archive tracks and bonus tracks are ignored. Feedback from people who clearly didn’t listen to the music is now rendered insignificant.

Only you, the listener, can influence our July 2024 chart. So if there is a song you particularly like, keep playing it! Leave a comment, repost it, share it to your social media feeds! Download it from our Bandcamp! Add it to a playlist! It absolutely can make a difference.

Thanks For All Your Help!

Massive thanks go out to everybody who helped to support all of us during June 2024 by listening to, commenting on and reposting our bands’ tracks on SoundCloud, Bandcamp and elsewhere.

All the wonderful fans of our bands who supported us with downloads from Bandcamp are especially appreciated. You genuinely help us keep the fires burning and collectively we thank you for that most graciously. May you be blessed by the gods of rock n roll! :)

We would also like to say a special thank you to all the splendid people on Twitter and BlueSky who have been enjoying and reposting our tracks to their followers. All the support and positive feedback has been incredibly heartwarming for us all. It makes our endeavours here feel worthwhile.

Thank you very much to everyone who bought items from our merch store. Anyone who shares a photo of themselves with their Wud item on social media will receive an extra goody from ourselves once we have seen it and shared the photo on to our community as well.

If you buy something cool from the Flicker merch store, or the Dark Company merch store, both of which opened recently, we shall also send you an extra goody if you show us a photo of yourself (or friend, or environment) on social media with the item you purchased.

Last and by no means least, we would like to say thank you very much to all of the splendid people who have been buying us coffees at BuyMeACoffee. It’s very kind of you to help us out. All of these things absolutely contribute to ourselves being able to keep going, and spend more time making beautiful music for you to enjoy. It is truly appreciated very much indeed.

Who’s In The June 2024 Top Ten?

Pok the Bard

Congratulations to Pok the Bard! We have started to release his Anthology album’s tracks to SoundCloud (as mentioned in this News post) and doing so has made an immediate impact. Pok has claimed three of the top spots on our new chart.

A brand new entry at number one is The Lecher. This has just been remixed and remastered and sounds a whole lot better than it did before.

The Lecher is in the key of E major and trundles along at 88 BPM with a shufflesome 12/8 feel. The song was composed by Pok, who created the riff, and there were likely others involved in its creation as well, such as George, Roy and Dick, when they were all pupils at The King’s Grammar School, Ottery St Mary, in 1982.

The Lecher was actually inspired by one or more of the teachers at the aforementioned school, which had rather an abundance of beautiful young maidens. Exactly which teacher (-s) would have been the main inspiration for The Lecher is now lost to the mists of time.

The Lecher is a deliciously expressive piece of music that captures, with considerable style, the essence of a lecherous schoolmaster going about his daily business. Essentially the song is a truly awesome riff and lots of jamming, and the result is just fabulous. It was the first finished and released song for Pok’s Anthology album.

Down from number one to this month‘s number five is our newest release. Wear a Feather in Your Hat tells a most extraordinary tale about a group of travellers in the USA in the 19th Century and a man with purple skin. This really truly is a delightful song and the tale has the most peculiar twist at the end.

Pok plays three guitar parts on his beautiful Gretsch acoustic – one left, one right and a lead part. The lead part was recorded all in one take, and it was the first take. The man’s skills are often under-rated. Maxx and Sven do a fabulous job with the bass and percussives, as always.

Wear a Feather in Your Hat first appears on the Indeed recording by Laughing Sun. The lyrics even say “You can be a man of Wud or you can go insane!” – which seems a relatively easy choice to make.

Back in 1985, when Pok wrote Wear a Feather in Your Hat and used the word ‘man’, it was widely understood to mean ‘woman’ as well, in an all-encompassing and friendly way, rather than today’s necessity for lengthy politically correct pronoun conjugations and configuarations.

Down from number two to number seven is the third entry from our PokStar. Young Light is a beautiful song that Pok composed after he left the sixth form of school in 1983. He wrote it for Mark Drower for all the inspiration that Mark unintentionally gave to the fledgling wudders.

Young Light is quite a short song at only 2:36 and is full of wistful wonder. There is also a banjo, that Pok happened to have with him when he came to visit the studios on the day the song was recorded. It seemed like a fun idea to include it.

Dark Company

Dark Company have been somewhat conspicuous by their absence from the charts so far in 2024. The new method of reckoning sees them back with a bang, with three tracks represented.

Future Sadness Past is a re-entry at number two, making its first appearance since January 2018. Future Sadness Past enjoyed some viral streaming in North America during June, and was by some distance the most streamed track from Wud Records in this time.

With both feet planted firmly in the “distinctly weird” category, Future Sadness Past is unlike any other Dark Company song. It appears on their Signmaker album.

The version you can enjoy there was recorded live in Silent Running Studios in 1991. George plays guitar, Jeff plays bass and there is a lot of echo from the Alesis Quadraverb. Pete’s wonderful vocal delivers a most extraordinary and allegorical lyric that was still hot off his pen at the time the song was recorded. Pete also adds a few percussive sounds, using a rather odd Zippo gas lighter and a Fast Fret tin.

The band tried a few times to recreate the magic of this version of the song, but could never quite do it. Ultimately the original ‘live’ studio version was salvaged from cassette and polished for the Signmaker album. It was highly spontaneous and some rather good hashish may have been consumed before, during and after the performance.

A new entry at number eight is another track from Dark Company‘s Signmaker album. This is an & co remix of Armed & Dangerous, and was left unfinished when Dark Company’s internal and external troubles caused the band to implode in 1994.

There is actually not much more of the original Armed & Dangerous than some of the intro in the brief (just 1:57) Digital RMX version that has appeared in the new chart.

Of course, the original idea was to finish the whole song in a new digital version, like the digital remixes of Killer (also unfinished, no outro) and Astrologer (finished!), so that Dark Company might be able to perform them live using a DAT machine for their backing tracks. It is unlikely that Armed & Dangerous (Digital RMX) will ever be finished, but never say never.

A re-entry at the tenth position is a song called Number 6 by Dark Company. It is the song’s first appearance on our charts since December 2018. The wailing guitar hook is a real earworm and the song features cameo voice performances from Pok, Sven, Maxx, Natalia, and a talkover at the end from the legend who is Martin “Mooncat” Rowe.

This is an alpha version of Number 6 from the splendid and generically diverse Mind Dance album. All of the songs from Mind Dance were composed in 1998. The demo versions, where you can hear co-vocalist Sammi smiling uncontrollably as she tries to keep Pete on the straight and narrow, have tons of their own quaint charm which we love.

Goodness knows when more work will be done on Dark Company‘s Mind Dance album as there is a lot to do before we reach that one. However, we hope to be able to finish and release it someday so that Dark Company fans can finally enjoy it properly.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis

The Bastard Sons of Dennis enjoyed a good month on the chart in June 2024, claiming two of the ten possible positions. Both songs are from their fabulous Cosy Lube Turtle album.

Since the studio upgrade early last year, we have been working on improving the sound quality of everything we released in the last few years. Fans of our gruesome twosome can expect some exciting news regarding this album fairly soon. We are waiting on just a single file before making a big announcement.

A progtastic full-band mini-album by the dynamic duo is also in the early stages of finalisation.

Sadly we tend to feel that further recordings of their many remaining Blue Oyster Cult covers seems an unlikely prospect. This is mostly due to “discommunication, disorganisation and general untogetherness”, as the legend who is Paul Bateman once said of them when they were in Rough Terrain.

Then Came the Last Days of May rises four places from number seven to number three. This beautiful song tells a true story of how three university friends of Blue Öyster Cult’s guitarist, Donald ‘Buck Dharma’ Roeser, were brutally murdered in a drug deal that went horribly and tragically wrong. The version by our dynamic duo adds a twist to the versions heard on Blue Öyster Cult’s eponymous studio album and the live On Your Feet Or On Your Knees album from 1975.

Derek would sing “Now and then a duck” instead of “truck”, which caused fans of the duo to bring toy ducks with them along to live performances. Chuck’s solo is largely based on the live On Your Feet Or On Your Knees version, and his little whistle at the end (which didn’t always come out quite right in a live show) came from the character Tom Good in the uk tv sitcom The Good Life.

This month‘s number nine song, Astronomy, is a profoundly beautiful and haunting creation. It was composed by the Bouchard brothers, Joe and Albert, and Sandy Pearlman. It is the final track of Blue Öyster Cult’s 1974 Secret Treaties album, and an absolute masterpiece of progressive rock composition.

The version of Astronomy by The Bastard Sons of Dennis is more produced than their live performances. They would often end a show with Astronomy, introducing it as a song that was famously covered by Metallica. “We wrote it, of course; ahem, cough…” Chuck would quip.


Flicker enjoyed another decent month in June 2024 as they achieved a pair of entries on the new Wud Records chart. Both come from their incredible 2002 album At Least 1000 Words.

Week Five is a climber from five to four, having made its first appearance last month since January 2023. Week Five has a remarkably live-sounding feel for a studio recording. It is a breezy feel good latin rock dance number with summer vibes that wouldn’t sound out of place in a set from Carlos Santana.

Week Five is a piece about looking forward to the future and feeling excited about forthcoming adventures and new experiences. It begins with a sample from the Prague metro and as the tune builds it becomes progressively more intense.

Farsight by Flicker is a re-entry at number six and makes its first appearance since December 2023. Farsight is a delightful and whimsical piece of music, progressive rock or indie jazz perhaps in style, highly melodic and decorated with samples from Captain Kirk’s USS Enterprise, Jonathan Agnew and Maharaj Ji, among others.

Farsight was originally an Ug Brothers creation that came about very late in that band’s existance, and didn’t make it to a live show before they folded in 1995. For the full backstory, we recommend the tune’s page at the Explicit Music website.

* None of our other acts made it onto the June 2024 chart. *

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