June 2017 Musical Discoveries

June 2017 Musical Discoveries

This June 2017 Musical Discoveries playlist is a compilation of the favourite musical discoveries of the Wud Records team from everything they heard at SoundCloud during June 2017.

Tracks have been arranged according to the number of plays at the time of publishing, starting with the fewest. Tracks that are early in playlists tend to receive more plays than later tracks, and we feel that the ones with fewer plays need the best chance of exposure. You can see for yourself the number of plays each track has had whilst you are listening.

We hope that more people will find and listen to the wonderful songs on this playlist of June 2017 Musical Discoveries. Each track has something that we felt was special or interesting in some way. Because we enjoyed them so much, we feel that it would be great if the artists in question could have a bit more exposure for their fabulous works. So please listen, enjoy, share and check out some of these wonderful bands. In many cases it was a tough job to choose just one track from an artist.

The June 2017 Musical Discoveries playlist is very eclectic, so there is probably something on there to suit every taste. If the track you are listening to isn’t quite doing it for you, skip to the next one and perhaps that will please your ears more. Sometimes similar tracks end up next to each other, and sometimes extremely different tracks do, so we recommend you just try it for yourself.

If you find some new favourites on there, why not shout about them on social media? We are sure the people responsible for creating the music will welcome a word-of-mouth recommendation and some free bonus exposure.

If you are on this June 2017 Musical Discoveries playlist, please share, give us a shoutout, listen to some other tracks and enjoy. :)

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Release date: 1st July 2017

— Featured Artists and Tracks —

SkeemHalf a Life
Chris Van CleefIdea No 8
Lorenzo’s MusicPicture It All
Smith & Half SmithTake Me Out In The Backyard (live)
BroomfillerTears Me Apart
Jess EmilseBus Song
Roy Rogers OldenkampTrack 07
David WattsShock Horror
Jacke KarashaeCollapse in A Minor
Ancient Astronaut TheoristsWho Built The Moon?
The FatbacksHigh
deadwhitesunsPeripheral Baby
J.R. AllenThe Mountain
David BanjyUbukunzi
Astral TravellersMorten Fiskaa Kjelleren
Steve SowdenIt Walks
Garrett FalstonTo The Rock
SamitrianiThe Storm
Neutron DarkstarLucid Dreams
A Pig Called EggsNibbits And Dibbles Go Camping
Music ‘n’ AdrenalineLes Limbes Spectrales
CrumplehornsHarold’s Eye
Tim LordanThick Walls
Rival RootsBlack Powder
Vens GrayHelena
Slim Zwerling & The YumsWhiskey
Cătălin PopescuSpace Funk
The Mañana PeopleMatchstick Man
Fab CushionFlying Old Car
At The HeadНоябрь
JuxtaGrowing Old Disgracefully
#To Hell With You
Carmelo “Don”Getting Mad (In The Mall)
MothertapesBeta Bank
Thomas ButterflyFollow The Sign
DarshanaEnergy Girl
SpaceponyI’ll Find You
Stereo HoneyThe Heart
Ian GulbransenJambox Midnight
From EtherRain