June 2021 Musical Discoveries

June 2021 Musical Discoveries

This June 2021 Musical Discoveries playlist is a compilation of the favourite musical discoveries of the Wud Records team from everything they heard at SoundCloud during June 2021.

Tracks have been arranged according to the number of plays at the time of publishing, starting with the fewest. Tracks that are earlier in playlists tend to receive more plays than later tracks, and we feel that the ones with fewer plays need the best chance of exposure. You can see for yourself the number of plays each track has had whilst you are listening.

We hope that more people will find and listen to the wonderful songs on this playlist of June 2021 Musical Discoveries. Each track has something that we felt was special or interesting in some way. Because we enjoyed them so much, we feel that it would be great if the artists in question could have a bit more exposure for their fabulous works. So please listen, enjoy, share and check out some of these wonderful bands. In many cases it was a tough job to choose just one track from an artist.

The June 2021 Musical Discoveries playlist is very eclectic, so there is probably something on there to suit every taste. If the track you are listening to isn’t quite doing it for you, skip to the next one and perhaps that will please your ears more. Sometimes similar tracks end up next to each other, and sometimes extremely different tracks do, so we recommend you just try it for yourself.

If you find some new favourites on there, why not shout about them on social media? We are sure the people responsible for creating the music will welcome a word-of-mouth recommendation and some free bonus exposure.

If you as an artist happen to be included on this June 2021 Musical Discoveries playlist, please share, give us a shoutout, listen to as many other tracks as you can, and enjoy. :)

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Release date: 1st July 2021

— 80 Featured Artists and Tracks —

David OakesThe Endless Dark
Craig RichardsonMade to Last
Jodi LizBottom Of Hell
Vestbo TrioTo Make You Feel My Love
Run to LifeWhispers
Buster CroftonRiffin Piccadilly
The Cherry BluestormsHeel To Toe
James T FordSam’l
Paul HulmHoliday Sky
The DiskettesCreature Feature
Charlie HubbleRhythm And Soul
The Barbarian HordeQuarantina
Spungee GoodnessI Dont Remember
Stan StewartLou Leigh Baye
Far From Your SunFar From Your Sun
It’s Worth The LoveBe My Guest
N. TeslaIII
Danielle ReichGrand Night For Swinging
PlainviewThese Days
Barmy ParkEast End Roots
Kenny McPAfter The Storm
Jeffery ToastJust Another DIIV
KaleidoscopesThe Rise
FurianStay Home
Joe BouchardThe Mountain House
Drust IVSea Shells
AatachéCircles End
Ivana AncicJourney Cinematic
BlyssNo Left Turn
Reply WhyIn The Court Of The Crimson King
Mind If I StayI’m Fine
Justin ValenteJamming in 5
Tomaso DeianaRipresa Dressage Tema 1
Rock Bottom RisersHappiness Is Monotony
Strange New ThingsThirty Micrometres A Minute
The Gorstey Lea Street ChoirLowborn & Stargazing
Jaykle (ft. Liz Davinci)Is That You?
Hollowed SkyBaltimore
Sun*Load (ft. Jh0st)Thin White Horses
D r o m oHate
Taylor John CrawfordI Found a Flower in the Garden
Tangerine CatRoses from Blood
Party Of The SinCelebration
Deceived KidsEpilogue
THSJust Can’t Seem To
ZoaOutta My Mind!
StaypressShe’s a Psychic Vampire
Bongo PlanetNew Day
SyrelFrom Folk to Funk
Colm RoyWild
AquacadeKingfisher and Calista
Lunatic LightsaberThe Cloud
Echo LuxeSueños
NouX!Gone Joe
Bog WitchSheena of the Jungle
My Latest FailureLies
SkygrassAll In
The DiogenesGluttony
Ash EmileElephant In The Room
Titors InsigniaA Town Called Yesterday
Ian StokesThe Dance
Nick DuaneWillett Avenue
Mike PolcariDust Storm
Bill PowerlessWhite Paper Bag
The Black RosesEl Diablo
Katsumi YoshiharaElectric Love (Electrical Love)
James MackayNew Morals
All From NothingThree Headed Horse
Psychedelic RevolutionCassius
The Sagest TheoremMr Nobody
From SandsEast
Conquer DivideWhat’s Left Inside
¥angWelcome to My Battle

Unfortunately we’ve had to remove one of the tracks.
It was preventing the playlist from being embedded.
The track in question is New Day by BongoPlanet.
You can check it out here: