In Session 09/05/98

Here are the results of a gathering of The Bastard Sons of Dennis that occurred spontaneously at Yuri’s flat on 9th May 1998. The week previously Q. Wim and Yuri had met up at the Double Locks Mayday celebrations and jammed, much to the delight of the gathered revellers. This was an attempt at recording some of the songs they had played, although it was in fact a good four years or so after the last proper performance by The Bastard Sons of Dennis.  Q. Wim sings and plays guitar, Yuri plays bass and Scott (a radically surferish dude) plays balalaika, guitar and makes vocalisations of various sorts.

After making these recordings the threesome returned to Q. Wim’s house where another gathering was already in progress. There they drank beer and watched the results of the Eurovision Song Contest whilst everybody listened to the cassette tape that The Bastard Sons of Dennis had made earlier. At Wud Records we can no longer remember any details of that Eurovision Song Contest, although the beauty of Q. Wim’s songs will remain in our memories for as long as we draw breath. And now, they can remain in yours too!

Some of these songs have been or are in the process of being re-recorded properly at the Wud Records studios and may be found on the album Cherry Smoke Empire by The Bastard Sons of Dennis.