Live and Direct! (2011)

These are various recordings of The Bastard Sons of Dennis playing live. At present all of these songs except the last five are from a performance at The Firehouse, Exeter. There was not enough space on the recorder for the final song of this set, which was Cities on Flame. The recording was made by Hum on his minidisk recorder and everything was remastered at Wud Records.

The last five songs were all recorded live at the North Bridge Inn, Exeter on 18th May 2011, again by Hum. The venue was extremely noisy although not much of this noise bled over into the mics. The band were barely able to hear themselves during this performance, which was also captured on video. The videos of these songs have all been uploaded to BastardTV1, the YouTube channel for The Bastard Sons of Dennis.

We shall add more songs to this collection in time and better versions of live performances by The Bastard Sons of Dennis will replace those that are already here.