Wud Records: recommended albums at Bandcamp

Posted by Wudmaster on 04/11/12

Wud Records have changed their three recommended albums at Bandcamp. If you would like us to recommend your album at Bandcamp, please contact us by emailing and if we like it we’ll add you to our rotation list.

These are our new recommended albums at Bandcamp:
Only two songs and they will stick in your ear if you listen. With simple, effective production, lyrics to make you smile and a great vocal in the stylee of Adele/Amy Winehouse, we want to hear more.
Fabulous quirky lo-fi rock from the talented entertaining Pink Lights on Sleeping Brothers Records. We love what Sleeping Brothers are all about and their awesome cassette-salvaged archive repertoire.
An office favourite. Cool horny big-band jazz harmony sounds bound tight by the slinky guitar of Andrew Boscardin. Truly masterful playing and production, and great artwork too. Zappa/Weather Report.

These are our previous recommended albums at Bandcamp:
Indie rock and pop from our shoegazing neighbours Bright Lights, Big Zombie. Surprisingly infectious, slightly spaced out and touched by early Pink Floyd in parts. An honest and refreshing album.
Strange dark gothic rockabilly with a big guitar sound. Elements of comedy in the lyrics and the music and refuses to take itself seriously. Suggestions of Stray Cats, Sultans of Ping and B52s.
After seeing their brilliant version of Baboon Shampoo on YouTube we had to recommend this. Cool, amusing and highly listenable, these old-skool rapmeisters will improve your day. NWA, Stereo MCs, Us3.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Cruelest Dream

Posted by Wudmaster on 03/11/12

The Bastard Sons of Dennis have added The Cruelest Dream to their Cherry Smoke Empire album. This is a beautiful, haunting, whimsical song which is performed solo on guitar and voice by Q. Wim Lijkkes. It is an old song that we recorded on 1st November 2012 in Studio One, and it was mixed and mastered on 2nd November 2012. We have added it to various playlists here at Wud Records and the song is available for download from our shop at Bandcamp.

If you would like to listen or download The Cruelest Dream, you can do so by clicking here.

To listen to or download the entire Cherry Smoke Empire album as it stands, you can do so by clicking here.

Moving on, there is more news concerning The Bastard Sons of Dennis.

The gruesome twosome also recorded Pieces of Me during the same session that The Cruelest Dream was recorded. We plan to add this song to the Cherry Smoke Empire album soon as well. Yuri plays bass on this track. It is rather slow and soft and gentle, and not a song that The Bastard Sons of Dennis have ever performed live. You can hear it in their In Session 09/05/98 playlist, which you can reach by clicking here.

The Furniture has been mixed and mastered and approved for release as a single. We shall be adding it part by part to the Cherry Smoke Empire album over the coming days and there may be prizes for fans of the band who complete a competition. More news on The Furniture coming soon!

The Black Horse in Longbrook Street, Exeter have started Open Up, their open mic night once again. This was always a favourite of The Bastard Sons of Dennis and last night they performed there again for the first time since April 2010, rocking the house with covers of the Blue Oyster Cult songs I’m on the Lamb/The Red and the Black, Seven Screaming Diz-Busters, Screams and Astronomy, the last of which is the only song that they had previously performed at that venue. They plan to return for the next two Open Up sessions, on Friday 7th December and Friday 21st December.

Wud Records: our Bandcamp download/playlist chart for October 2012

Posted by Wudmaster on 02/11/12

Here is our collated top 20 download/playlist chart for October 2012 for all the tracks available from the Wud Records shop at Bandcamp.

Everything is linked to open in new windows for your enjoyment. :-)

October 2012
1. Alien Heat: Jigsaw (Red Rug Demo)

2. Alien Heat: Ship to Shore (Red Rug Demo)

3. Flicker: It Starts Right Here (HappySad)

4. Alien Heat: Badass Boogie (Red Rug Demo)

5. Dark Company: Killer (Signmaker)

6. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Smile (Cherry Smoke Empire)

7. Alien Heat: Odd (Red Rug Demo)

8. Alien Heat: Asylum Child (Red Rug Demo)

9. The Ug Brothers: Spin Gone Crazy (Cute But Weird)

10. Mark Drower and the Everyones: The Mirror (The Blaze Tape)

11. The Ug Brothers: White Water (Cute But Weird)

12. Alien Heat: Abnormal (Red Rug Demo)

13. The Ug Brothers: Shake Yer Brother (Cute But Weird)

14. Flicker: Lucky Stone (At Least 1000 Words)

15. Pok: The Lecher (Anthology)

16. Rough Terrain: Same Old Road Again (Exit Stage Deaf)

17. Flicker: Farsight (At Least 1000 Words)

18. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Then Came the Last Days of May (Cosy Lube Turtle)

19. Alien Heat: Dancin’ in the Dark (Essential)

20. Flicker: Aeroplane (At Least 1000 Words)

Wud Records: web traffic hits new monthly high

Posted by Wudmaster on 02/11/12

Web traffic hits at Wud Records reached a new monthly high in October 2012. The figure was an increase of around 14% on the previous record, which was set in September 2012.

The whole Wud Records team would like to say ‘thanks very much’ for all your visits and we hope that you will continue to drop by to see what is new and enjoy the music and everything else we upload for you at this website.


Pok: studio action

Posted by Wudmaster on 21/10/12

Earlier this week, Pok had two days of studio action at Wud Records on Monday and Tuesday. We worked on more great songs from his back catalogue that will be added to his forthcoming Anthology collection.

Work began on Wanted to Be a Singer, Distanced Recognition and Fooog’s Bloooz, a tune which we are sure once had some other name that at present none of us are able to recollect. In addition, further production and performance work was done to Summer ’83 and Young Light (both of which are nearing completion) and Silver Ships on the Sea.

At present the only finished Pok song on the Anthology album is The Lecher, which you can listen to or download by clicking here.

In other Wud Records news, we are delighted to say that the main computer in Studio One that went bang when we tried to put the new chip in, is now working beautifully. It is not often one can say that about a computer.

Wud Records: forums news

Posted by Wudmaster on 04/10/12

We have some news concerning the forums at Wud Records. Back on 13th July 2012 we posted in the Wud Records ‘News’ service that the forums were largely broken. This was mostly due largely to the vast tidal wave of spam coming west from China and the fact that the forum software which we use is no longer supported by its developers, who have well and truly left the building. And the universe.

So following a period of consultation, chin rubbing, beard twiddling and nasal hair tweaking, we have decided to look into the possibility of altering the format of the forums to more that of a blog format, and we will encourage our visitors there to comment as and how they will. That will avoid the frightful shower of horrible processed meat of doubtful origin that is being flung around the web in truly gargantuan profusion whilst at the same time keeping the nuggets of goodness that exist in the forums safe, allowing them to continue to attract the genuine web traffic to our site.

More news concerning our forums will be forthcoming soon in the Wud Records ‘News’ service.

In other Wud Records news, we have succeeded in causing the main computer in Studio One to cease all types of function other than turning on its own internal fan by attempting to integrate a new super-duper fast chip. This is the joy of progress. Now all we need is a candle and a large pink shovel with the word “plonker” embossed on the handle and everything will be fine again.