Laughing Sun: Indeed repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 27/04/16

Indeed by Laughing Sun has now been repaired and added to our ever-growing collection of playlists over at SoundCloud. Each track has, where possible, been edited to show lyrics and relevant information such as composers, performers and odd points of interest.

Indeed was recorded on a cassette at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter back in September 1985. Most of the recordings feature Pok, George and Grape, although towards the end Grape left the building, leaving just Pok and George to continue. Most of the versions of these songs are the first time they had ever been heard, rehearsed or performed by the band, so are rather shabby.

Included in the Indeed collection are fragments of the song At One, the beginning of which was recorded over on the cassette. Although At One was a song that was also performed by Wud, we believe that this is an early Laughing Sun version. Laughing Sun later included the full version of At One in their set.

There are two cover versions present in the collection – Hassan-I-Sabbah by Hawkwind and Stella Blue by Grateful Dead. Information concerning cover versions published in the Indeed collection has been referenced to the sources we used when putting this digitised playlist together.

If you would like to listen to Indeed by Laughing Sun here at the Wud Records website, you can do so by clicking here.

If you would prefer to listen to it over at SoundCloud’s website, you can do so be clicking here instead.

Wud Records: recommended Bandcamp albums

Posted by Wudmaster on 04/03/16

Wud Records’ recommended Bandcamp albums have changed. If you are a fan of awesome twenty-first century progressive rock and progressive metal then you will abdolutely love the three albums we have chosen. Go ahead and click the links! They are:

Twinned With: Your Face by Throatpunch City
Stunning original virtuoso progressive rock, they put on a great live show too.

Rise of the Waterfowl by Farmhouse Odyssey
Keyboard-driven smooth melodic progressive rock from the USA, inspiring and addictive, beautifully crafted songs.

Ode to the Author by Toska
Instrumental progressive metal from three exceptionally talented young musical gurus who also play in the band Dorje.

There is so much great music to recommend at Bandcamp that we try to refresh our recommendations from time to time, although this time it has been a very long time indeed!

The three fabulous albums below are the ones making way. All of these are also wonderful recommended Bandcamp albums. Each deserves a download, or at the very least a full listen, so please go ahead and click the links. Albums removed from our recommendations go back into the pool and will reappear there sometime in the future as we still love them all.

Great Pagans EP by Great Pagans, on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray
Dreamy, evocative, whimsical, beautiful harmonies and lakes of guitar, fueled by the quiet power of the underdog. You will want them to win! Utterly enchanting post-Smiths indie pop rock grunge.

The Independent Hand by The Throats, on Sleeping Brothers Records
Lo-fi heartfelt self-deprecating musical comedy from The Throats on Sleeping Brothers Records. A collage of emotions crafted of leftfield sounds add to the wonderful guitar/voice arrangements.

Raygun EP by High/Low
Hi-energy big sound post-shoegaze indie rock from Southend, England. Guitar wall assaults your senses and great use of vocal harmonies. Hints of Foo Fighters and The Who. Came to us via Twitter.

We will try to refresh our recommended Bandcamp albums every six weeks or so. More joyful unearthed gems will be shouted about in our News service and on Twitter.

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Lemming Meringue: Demo repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 29/02/16

The Lemming Meringue Demo has been repaired and added to our collection of playlists over at SoundCloud. It features eight of the tracks that the duo were playing at that time and ends with some anarchic and joyous shouting.

This was a very basic recording done on cassette and the quality is not very good. However, it is at least some sort of documentation of Lemming Meringue, the rather short-lived duo that was the trial run for the subsequent Wud band. Lemming Meringue mostly performed at open mic nights in folk clubs and took on the Wud moniker and extra musicians in the spring of 1985.

To listen to the Lemming Meringue Demo here at Wud Records, please click here.

To listen to it at SoundCloud, please click here.

Ug Brothers: new Ugstrumental descriptions

Posted by Wudmaster on 26/02/16

The Ugstrumental collection by The Ug Brothers at SoundCloud has had all of its descriptions enhanced with new facts, history and trivia. Each track of Ugstrumental music at SoundCloud now has its own separate backstory.

An Ugstrumental is, of course, an instrumental by The Ug Brothers. This particular collection was a set of bootleg recordings from rehearsals to allow Natalie to have a karaoke tape to listen and sing along to.

We hope you enjoy the new enhanced descriptions. We shall be transferring these updates across from SoundCloud to our partners at Explicit Music in due course.

At some unknown time in the future we aim to completely remaster these Ugstrumentals and release them as a live and unbrushed album. The sound quality is not yet good enough for such a release as these tracks were lifted from a master cassette. The master cassette was in turn created from various other cassettes that no longer exist as far as we can tell. Second generation cassette is simply not up to the task of being downloadable without some remastering process.

If you would like to listen to the the Ugstrumentals by The Ug Brothers (as they stand just now) whilst reading the new and improved details concerning each track, you can reach them all by simply clicking here.

Wud Records: our forums

Posted by Wudmaster on 28/01/16

Our forums here at Wud Records have been in a state of disrepair for some time and have now been completely disabled. If you are a forum member, do not worry. All of the posts and other data has been saved and will be reappearing sometime soon in a new format that doesn’t attract an enormous tidal wave of spam.

To start with this tidal wave consisted mostly of non-existent beings offering products to allegedly enhance one’s performances or enlarge various bodyparts. Then the software we used died completely, no doubt due to the sheer weight of numbers of spammers. We decided the best course of action would be to reupload the forums in a completely new format when the site receives its rebuild and redesign, which is currently in the early stages of finalisation.

We shall let you know of further developments on this front in our News service. Meanwhile, here is some music.

We sincerely hope that the purveyors of this unsavory digital meat-based product will be tossed into jail where they will share a cell with somebody who has enlarged their manhood, taken viagra and is looking to start a new relationship.

Dark Company: Noir repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 27/01/16

Noir by Dark Company is the latest playlist to be repaired and added at SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Noir is the newest complete collection of Dark Company songs.

The Noir album was composed in 2009. These versions of the songs, many of which are little more than demos, consist of performances recorded mainly in 2010. We hope to bring you new and improved versions once these songs have been given a good bashing in our studios to make the various parts pristine and shiny. We shall of course let you know of any such developments in our News service.

Noir is the only album we know of that has its songs arranged alphabetically. Once we had heard the songs in that order, it seemed like it was the best possible order to arrange them in and they stayed that way. Of course, if you know differently, you are welcome to contact us to enlighten and educate us into similarly arranged albums.

If you would like to hear the Noir album by Dark Company as it stands at present, you can listen at Wud Records by clicking here.

Should you prefer to listen to Noir by Dark Company over at SoundCloud’s website, you can do so by clicking here instead.